I Learnt it From Kris and Xiumin (2)

“Yeollie,” Yeongri said, sniffling. “Can you sit here with me?”

Chanyeol had keyed in the code to Yeongri’s apartment and came into to find Yeongri sitting on the sofa with a mound of blankets covering her. As worried as he was, he just slumped onto the rug and lay with his eyes closed.

“Wae? Uro?” Chanyeol asked hurriedly as he shot up and walked up to her.

Yeongri rubbed her eyes and replied groggily,” Ani. I’m sick,” and then pouted.

“What? Why are you sick? Do you have a cold?” Chanyeol asked grabbing her arm and sitting on the sofa. “Oh my God, Yeongie, you’re so hot! Why didn’t you call for me before? How in the world did you even get sick?”

Yeongri opened her eyes slowly and turned towards Chanyeol.

“You made me sick.”

“When?” Chanyeol said, quietly, rubbing his back.

“Yesterday. You didn’t let me out of the water. That why I told you not to! But you were just so obsessed with your sexy times! Damn sexy times!” she said, rubbing her face with her hands, rather violently.

“Yeong Ri, you’re acting like a pregnant lady. Why are you getting so mad?” Chanyeol asked, confusedly looking at his angry girlfriend.

“You might as well have made me!” she said and looked into Chanyeol’s eyes, followed by an awkward silence.

Yeong Ri flailed to the side and lay with a sullen face.

“I’m just sick Chanyeollie,” she whined as she fumbled with the blankets so that she was covered as she rested on his lap. “And it’s all because of you.”

With that, she turned to the other side of Chanyeol in an act of defiance.

“Oh, you’re sick, that’s right,” he said, not minding Yeong Ri ignoring him.

He easily lifted her up and placed her on the the dining table.

He made sure the blankets covered her completely and asked if she was comfortable to which she gave him a poker face.

Chanyeol shook the thermometer out of a small bag he found in the medicine cabinet and went back to the hall to check her temperature.

“Aah,” he said, to which Yeongri soullessly opened her mouth. Before Chanyeol could read the temperature, she shook the thermometer off.

“It hurts,” she whined, nodding her head.

“You never let me do it under your hands. What else can I do?” Chanyeol asked, washing off the thermometer.

Yeongri lifted her hand like she was being controlled by a puppet master, without replying to Chanyeol.

But like before, Yeongri pulled away before Chanyeol could read the temperature.

“It’s ticklish, Yeollie,” she said, giggling.

Chanyeol couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She was too cute. He set the thermometer on the table and tickled her lightly again, until they engaged in fight, where Yeong ri could feel her head spinning.

“Chanyeol, stop, stop,” she said, closing her eyes. The fever was just making it worse.

“I feel dizzy,”she said as Chanyeol pulled away from her.

She sighed into Chanyeol’s chest when she could feel herself getting back to normal.

“That hurt a lot,” she said to his shirt, as her boyfriend stood bewildered in her hug.

Coming back to his senses, he tilted her head to face him.

“You’re not going to let me use the thermometer, are you?” he asked, to which she cutely nodded.

“OK, let’s get you some rest,” he said, sighing, and lifting her up into his hands.

He easily walked to her room and gently placed her on the bed, wrapping yet another blanket on her.

“I’ll get you something to eat,” he said, after kissing her forehead lightly.

She rested her head on the headboard the bed as she waited for him to come back with food.

“Don’t put pepper into your eyes again, baby,” she warned him as he left the room.

Chanyeol laughed and replied with, “ne.”

Chanyeol naturally made chicken juk (eat your kimchi anyone?), and carefully took it to Yeong Ri’s room while it was still piping hot.

“I made juk, Yeong ri ah,” he said happily, impressed with his cooking.

He laid the bowl on his lap and started to feed Yeong Ri.

“Yah, put it on the desk!” she reprimanded, coming out of her blankets as she ate the juk.

“Ani, it’s not hot,” he said, waving her suggestion off. “Is it good? Uro?” he asked, looking up to see her crying again.

“Yeah, it’s really good,” she said, smiling at him. “No, it’s like, part of being sick, Channie,” she added, addressing his second question.

Once she finished the food, Chanyeol made, he lay next her on the bed and pulled her in for a hug.

“I’m sorry I got you sick,” he said, and kissed her before she could reply.

“You’re going to get sick,” she once she pulled away, distancing herself from him.

“Andwe,” he whined, pulling her closer than before. “I don’t care. We can be a sick couple! The new couple culture trend,” he said imaginatively, pecking her cheeks.

Yeong Ri did nothing but yawn, satisfied with Chanyeol’s creativity.

“I’ll sing for you,” he said, noticing her droopy eyes.

He then proceeded to sing every part he had in all the songs they had released till then, followed by a few requests from Yeong Ri.

Before she fell asleep, she asked Chanyeol, ” Who taught you all this?”

“I learnt from Kris hyung to take care of you when you were sick, and Xiumin hyung to sing for you when you wanted to sleep. And to make juk, ” he said matter-of-factually.

She smiled as she closed her eyes and cuddled closer to him, because she already knew that.




Chapter 2

“Yah, Minhee, why aren’t you sleeping?”Minho asked. He had just come back from a date with his girlfriend, and had come home to see his sister sitting up with her head in her hands.

“You know how we heard mom and dad talking about my marriage a long time ago? Mom came to me and told me that we’re going to meet him tomorrow. Kibum just broke up with me. I don;t know what to do,” she said without looking at him.

“Do you want to avoid this because he’s not as handsome as me, or not as talented as me,” Minho said, sitting next to her and grinning.

Minhee broke out into a soft smile and gently hit her brother. “Oppa!”

“I know its not fair and stuff, but you’ll have to bear with it. Just lock him up for a few days, and he’ll get used to you. Like in Beauty and the Beast.”

“Oppa! This isn’t a joke! What if I get married to him and he doesn’t like me, and we stay as enemies forever? What if I never forget Kibum? You have Tae Soo. She’s not from that family. How come you can love anyone you want?”

Minho looked down crest fallen, but sill managed to smile.

“If it makes you feel any better, Tae Soo broke up with me today. So I guess eomma and appa will get me married like you.”

“Oh,” Minhee said, taken aback. She didn’t know what to say; she felt shallow. The fact that her brother was still able to smile just for the sake of cheering her up touched her.

She sat up straight and looked at him withe blazing confidence.

“OK. I’ll try. I remember how you taught me to respect our family and its values. So I’ll marry him. But I don’t know if he’ll want to marry me,” Minhee said.

“I’m sure he will. You haven’t even met him. What if he turns out to be Kibum? It’ll all turn out well, I promise,” he said before standing up and motioning for her to get rest.

“Before he knows it, he’ll be smitten by your beauty. Get some sleep so that your beauty stays,” he said, tucking her in, to which she giggled.

Minho still treated her like a child, and despite her protests, she had to admit that it was the only medicine for similar situations.

“Goodnight, Choi Minhee,” he said before closing the door.


“Lee Jinki! Please wake up, baby!” said a beautiful voice, awakening Jinki.

He happily turned over to a charming face hovering over him, her dark brown locks lightly brushing his face.

“Hi, honey,” he said, groggily.

“I hope you’ll greet your wife like that as well,” the same lady replied, pulling him up.

“What are you talking about You are my wife,” he said, scratching his head in confusion, yet still having the same hungover expression.

The lady looked at him curiously. She then proceeded to hit him (“Ow!”) and say,” get your head straight young man! You’re meeting Minhee today!” She then walked out of his room briskly.

Jinki shook his head. He then rubbed his eyes and looked around to catch a glimpse of his mother, instead of the lady he saw in his half  conscious sleep. She certainly was not as arousing to look at as the girl from his dream.

He felt stupid; he knocked himself in the head.

Get your game straight, Jinki, he thought, trying to erase the dream from his memory.

He slowly got dressed and reluctantly went down the stairs, still in want for sleep.

He turned around the corner to the hall, where his dad sat with a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts and his mother glided about the kitchen in a hanbok.

“Here’s your breakfast, yeobo,”playfully said, jabbing at Jinki’s morning mishap (hooray for alliteration!), at which his father chuckled.

“You told appa too?” he asked, embarrassed, but smiling at the same time.

“Oh she did! Reminds me of when you four years old and wanted us to get divorced so that you could marry your mother. One cracked up son, you are,” his father replied, laughing hysterically.

And from then, his parents sat together bringing up different memories of their only child, with a laugh here and there.

Jinki could help but smile at them. They seemed so perfect; their personalities matched up perfectly. They always seemed to make the best out of any situation where they were together. The connection made them raise him to high standards in terms of behavior and personality.

He could not help but feel that marrying Minhee was the only way to repay everything they gave him. But at the same time, he knew that marriage wasn’t something he could easily take up or leave. He really hoped his parents would leave him to be with someone of his choice so that he had a better crack at following their influential and revered footsteps.

As he thought about the marriage, he remembered it was the day he was to meet her.

“Is that going to be your getup for the day?” he asked, interrupting his parents.

“I remembered that Minhee’s parents were strict about tradition and culture, so I chose to wear this,” his mother replied, showing off the designs in her dress.

“And I’m taking her dad fishing!” his dad said, pulling out a fishing hat from the back.

His father was always correct in his tones. He knew when to be cheerful and humorous and when to be stern. Jinki had seen both sides, but mostly the former.

Before he could reply, the doorbell rang. Jinki hurriedly finished his breakfast and chucked his plate in the cupboard after haphazardly washing it (“I don’t want any dirty plates in the sink, sleepy head!”).

Good thing I got dressed before breakfast, he thought, confirming that it was the Choi family as he stood behind he parents, facing Minhee’s parents.

Jinki’s gaze wavered as his parents greeted Minhee’s. He craned his neck. Where is she?

Then he caught a shining, dark brown lock of hair. Her parents shifted enough to reveal the whole of Minhee.

Jinki gulped. His stomach tightened as his parents greeted her and her brother.

She was the girl from his dream.


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Neodo Nareul Saranghae? (Do you love me too?)

poster_from_postermywallNeodo Saranghae? (Oneshot)


Kang Seung Yoon

Song Hye Ri


A one shot based on the song ‘Doduk’.


“Uwaah, look here Yoonie!” Hye Ri said. (Resemblance towards Ravi?)

Hye Ri and Seung Yoon were in Peru for a school excursion.

Hye Ri was always one to wander off. She was never for following the class and staying behind the teacher’s back. she was adventurous, and she was willing to break the rules.

One thing about her personality in accordance with her joyous, free spirit was her affection for her best friend Kang Seung Yoon. She would take him wherever she went. Little did he know that this was all she could think of for happiness- spending time with Yoonie.

Seung yoon, however, wasn’t against her forcedly making him tag along with her. He felt like ascending to heaven whenever she met his hands. He felt his heart stop when she giggled. And he felt himself melt when she finally reached the peak of her little adventure and laughed her heart out as she accomplished her desire.

He was sure that her smile was different- it had a diverse effect on him. The way she pulled him energetically and purposely stayed away from ordinance made him feel warm and fulfilled; like a feast of bulgogi and his mom’s naengmyeon (do Koreans eat that together? I don’t know, it seems to be a nice combination).

He fell in love with her when she first stood in front of him in 10th grade. She had no one else to take along with her, so gripped an oblivious Seung Yoon’s hand ran off to the end of the beach. There, she waded deep into the water, encouraging Seungyoon to join her. when they were finally caught by their teacher, he knew she made him feel like there were no worries in the world.

They met here and there everyday after that, when Seung Yoon secretly wanted to spend the whole day with her and learn more about her. Finally, they landed in the same class in the second term of 10th grade, and their friendship blossomed. He was happy as hell.

Slowly, Seung Yoon found out what made him feel happy after coming back from school. He found out why going for his training at YG was worthwhile. She kept his voice alive when he felt like quitting. She made him continue.

But he kept it covered. He felt cheesy inside whenever he wanted to confess; and at the same time, there was the looming fear that she would not accept him. He knew that the problem of being best friends and a secret admirer was that she may ditch in both ways if you confess. Although he was yearning for her love in return, he didn’t want to lose his friend.

When they broke off from the crowd that was observing the lower grounds filled with llamas, and when she finally reached a higher cliff, and when she let out a joy of excitement. Seungyoon didn’t notice any of these except for when she shouted “KANG SEUNG YOONIE! WHY AREN’T YOU TALKING?”

He had ignored these things because he was busy observing her face filled with child-like joy. She was in oblivion and so was he. He looked at the way her eyes widened while her cheeks flattened. Then they rose up and connected with the then crescent shaped eyes as she laughed. All in slow motion. It was Seung Yoon’s movie.

He came back into reality when she shouted his name.

“Mwoyah? Uh- Er- Sh- Should we even be here?” he said, trying to compromise into the situation.

“Hey, you’ve questioned stuff like this. What’s gotten into you?” she said, knocking his head playfully.

Seung Yoon’s stomach turned into a knot. He knew what got into him. Hye Ri’s love.

“Aah, molla, Hye Ri,” he said, rubbing the back of his head while fighting back tears that threatened to fall. Would he never confess? This was their last year at school. Would he have to keep three years of love concealed within himself for the rest of his life?

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“Hmm,” she thought, looking up into the sky. Aah, kyeopta! Seung Yoon thought as he smiled.

“Why don’t you shout into the sky. It’ll echo, right?” she said, excited.

“Why should I? You go first,” he replied.

This continued with a series of Nos and wae iren?s, until Hye Ri caught Seung Yoon by the shoulder and shook him gently. Her hands remained fixed as she turned him around to face the open sky.

Seung Yoon gulped, realizing that Hye Ri was not going to let him go. He opened his mouth wide and what he said was something that surprised both of them.

SONG HYERI ah! ILOVE YOU! I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU, BUT SCARED TO TELL YOU. SO HERE! YOU SAEKKI, I LOVE YOU TO THE CORE OF THE EARTH! So, jebal, jinjja joah. Jebal, love me back,” he shouted, then trailed off as he broke down. All the while, he could feel Hye Ri’s grip loosen, and he knew what her expression was. He was sure she was backing away, ready to leave him there, disgusted.

Unlike what Seung Yoon thought was going on in Hye Ri’s mind, she was absolutely delighted to hear that her best friend loved her back. She truly felt free and was at the peak of the energy that she got from running around with him. Inside, she was burning with love, but outside, she felt soft and heated.

She gently brought him to stand and turned him around, looking up and facing his eyes.

She held his hand and smiled.

“Pabogatteun Kang Seung Yoon, nado neoreul saranghae,” she whispered.

And then they kissed, set to the clear sky and lush greenery of the cliff.

[Pabo gatteun Kang Seung Yoon, Nado neoreul saranghae

Geurigo, Kiss-euhaesseo]

[Stupid Kang Seung Yoon, I love you too

And then, you kissed me]


I learnt it from Kai and Kyungsoo (1)

poster (wtyt)Chapter 1

Yeong Ri woke up next to her boyfriend’s bare chest. She smiled gently and snuggled closer, wrapping her arm on his waist.

She gently closed her eyes when Chanyeol emitted a loud grunt.

“Five more minutes, Baekhyun,” he said. “I slept with Yeong Ri yesterday. I’m tired…”

Yeong Ri chuckled. “Yah! I’m still here!” she said, hitting him.

Chanyeol shot up.

“Oh, yeah. Today is my no work day,” he said, showing off his sparkling teeth. His smile was mesmerizing. “How do you want to start?”

“By brushing!” Yeongri replied, and got up, pulling him with her. “Yah, you have to lose weight. I can’t pull you,” she cheekily said, to which Chanyeol pouted. “Do you really think I’m fat?”

She turned back as they entered the bathroom, and laughed.

“You’re so gullible baby! Of course not,” she said, planting a warm kiss on his lips. Again, Chanyeol smiled.

As she reached for their toothbrushes, Chanyeol gripped her arm.

“I don’t want to brush,” he said, turning her chin seductively. He looked into her eyes and said, “Let’s start off from last night, shall we?”

“Channie, if you continued anymore I wouldn’t have been able to walk today. Give me some rest! We have to get cleaned up at least!” she said, and drew her hand out of his grip. She swiped toothpaste on both of their brushes and handed him his.

“Fine,” Chanyeol said, reluctantly stuffing the toothbrush in his mouth. “But afterwards, you have to promise me some sexy times.”

“Whatever,” Yeongri replied, brushing away his pleas. She would deal with him later.

After brushing, Yeongri put her brush down and waited for Chanyeol to finish.

“You’re waiting because you’re mesmerized by my looks, right?” Chanyeol said triumphantly, looking at himself in the mirror.

“Ani,” she laughed. “I’m going to take a bath first.”

And Chanyeol smiled.


Yeong ri stepped into the shower cubicle. She only took long baths in the tub when Chanyeol wasn’t around, to ease off stress and relax in solitude.

As she turned the water on, she heard the bathroom door open. A knot formed in her stomach.

Without closing the water, she closely listened to what was happening outside. She relaxed when she didn’t hear anything.

But after a few seconds she heard a loud and deep chuckle, which caught her off guard. Without any hesitation she screamed, “CHANYEOL!”

She closed the water and scooted to the corner of the cubicle. What came next surprised her.

“Jagi, what happened?” A shirtless Chanyeol worriedly asked, stumbling into cubicle and darting his eyes in search for her.

Yeongri stood in silence for a few moments. She was confused.

“Yah, Yeongri, why did you shout?” Chanyeol asked, now in her closest proximity, drawing her attention back to him.

Yeongri looked down. “I heard someone come in so I got scared,” she said, tracing her hands across his chest.

Chanyeol laughed, “It was me.”

“Were you going to take a bath?”

“No, a shower.”

“But I was taking a shower.”

“So?” he replied. “Can’t I take one with you?”

“Yah, Chanyeol. Get out!” Yeongri said, lightly pushing him. She blushed fiercely knowing that Chanyeol had been looking at her unclothed body for quite some time.

“Wae? You are to have no inhibitions towards me from now on,” he said, picking her up and swinging the door open with his shoulder. He set her down in the tub. “Plus, you promised me some sexy times.”

“Not now,” Yeongri said, avoiding his eyes. Before she could object to his antics again, Chanyeol crashed into her lips. The minty flavour of the toothpaste coursed through her mouth as Chanyeol refused to get off of her.

He then continued by tracing warm kisses down her torso without saying a word. Yeongri was giving in by the minute. He completed the set with two kisses on the tips of her pelvis.

Chanyeol glided up towards her forehead. He looked down at her eyes and huskily asked, “How about now?’


After taking a shower (where Chanyeol deprived her of most of her intentions), Yeongri glided out wearing the clothes that Chanyeol selected for her. Chanyeol decided to wash himself off a second time since he was feeling a bit drowsy, leaving her to prepare breakfast.

“Kimchi jigae,” she muttered under her breath, and drew out a large pot to get started.

Lazily, she cooked rice in the corner and poured the kimchi into the pot she set down.

“What else do I need,” she asked herself, and remembered that the sprouts were on top of the fridge, along with the sondubu (soft tofu) that she needed for the dish.

She carefully got onto her tiptoes and reached out for ingredients, but before she could get them, she felt a sharp pain in her waist.

“Ow,” she snapped and turned to see Chanyeol, who had pinched her.

“Hehe, sorry. Your skin is so… pinchworthy,” he said, lightly kissing her lips. Upon seeing that Yeongri was still unfazed, he tried to divert the topic.

“So, what are you making? Kimchi jigae? Oh you want the dubu? OK,” he said in one breath, and casually took the dubu and the sprouts from the top of the fridge. “Sorry,” he added again, to which Yeongri laughed.

“Yeollie, I wouldn’t get angry at you for such stupid things. You’re so cute, baby,” she said and continued to cook.

“You know what? You’re always making stuff for me. Now let me do it,” he said to Yeongri who slid the sprouts in with the kimchi.

Yeongri smirked. Did Chanyeol know how to cook?

“OK. I don’t feel like cooking anyways,” she said and set down the spoon she was using to mix the ingredients. She turned to the dining table and perched herself on top of it, so as to get a good view of what he was doing.

She laughed as she observed Chanyeol trying to cook. All the while, he had his eyebrows scrunched up and kept muttering to himself about what he had to do next.

“Pepper flakes,” he said, and grabbed a small packet. Instead of pouring a few flakes from the packet into the pot, he decided to throw them in.

“Chef cheoreom!” he exclaimed and threw the flakes in.

Next minute, he was groaning. “Aa, Yeongie, help!” he said, rubbing his eyes. The pepper flakes had gotten into his eyes.

“Channie baby, stop rubbing your eyes!” she said, pushing his hands away to reveal tear stricken eyes closed to the max.

“Aigoo, why did you throw it in like that?” Yeongri said, lightly touching his eyes with cold water. She told him to shut his eyes for a while and lean forward.

“Are you okay?” she said when he finally opened his eyes.

He  halfheartedly nodded and between sniffles, he said,” thank you.”

Laughing, she kissed both of his eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck for support. “Now?”

“Yeah,” he said. Yeongri drew a spoon out of the cupboard and tasted the jigae.

“It tastes fine. You don’t need to put anything else in, OK?” she said, and turned the heat off. She carried the pot to the table and scooped some rice into two bowls.

“Aaa,” Chanyeol said, with extending his arm across the table. He gently fed Yeongri while she fed him.

“By the way, who taught you this?” she said, once both of them were finished and curled up together on Chanyeol’s chair.

Chanyeol came close to her forehead and answered, “Kai taught me how to get you turned on in the shower. Kyungsoo taught me how to cook jigae,” he said.

And she smiled as she felt his lips move across her forehead for every word, because she already knew that.

Chapter 1

“Jinki, we have to tell you something,” his mother said. Jinki just came home from practicing with his band, and was already in a bad mood since his band mates had forgotten their notes.

He laid down his guitar and irritatedly looked back. “What?”

“Sit down, Jinki.”

He reluctantly made his way towards the table and sat down.

“Jinki, our family has this tradition,” his father started. “It has been followed from my grandfather’s grandfather’s times.”

“OK,” Jink replied, to indicate that he was listening.

“You know your mother’s ancestry, the Park family? We marry them at the age of 21,” his father said, with a worried look. He was sure that his son wouldn’t reply positively.

“OK, you’re married to eomma. Now what? Is Hyunwoo getting married?” Jinki said, oblivious to his predicament.

Hyunwoo was his cousin.

“No, Hyunwoo is only 20 years old, son,” his mother replied, shaking her head. “What is your age?”

“Twent-,” he started, and realized what they were referring to. He was 21 years old.

“What? I’m not getting married! Oh my God, eomma, how can you just push this onto me?” Jink said, shooting up. “What about my band, what about my career? You know I want to get into SM. How will they accept me?”

“Jinki, its not someone you don’t know. Do you remember Minhee?” his mom said.

Jinki blushed on thinking about Minhee. he was a bit pretty, and Jinki remembered having fun staring at her while playing at a lone family get together.

But  he still did not not want to marry her. He wanted to love someone, and cherish the bond between them. He wasn’t for the idea of forcing a relationship.

“Minhee… how can I marry her? Aren’t we like cousins or something,” Jinki retorted, figuring out that they were related some way or the other. He smirked, with a sense of victory. “My babies wont come out well if I make them with her.”

“She is very distant. We’re barely related her. It won’t matter if you marry her. And for the record, if your dad was my cousin, you would have turned out like hell too. You have flawless features because we were distant in relation. Not considered relatives at all,” his mom said.

Jinki liked it when his mother praised him. His tone softened.

“But eomma, appa,” started, turning to both of them. “I just can’t do it. I’m not ready to get married to her. She’s not my type, and she probably hates this idea too. We’re in the 21st century, guys! We don’t have to follow stupid things like this,” Jinki said, nodding his head.

“Jinki, Minhee and her parents are coming tomorrow. This is inevitable. You cannot avoid this tradition. Tomorrow you’ll come out and meet her,” his dad said, getting up.

“No buts,” he added, making Jinki close his mouth.

“Your father’s right, baby. You’ll like each other, I promise,” his mother said, and went to the kitchen.

Jinki looked down with clenched fists. What the hell? I’m not going to marry Choi Minhee. Just watch, eomma. She’s gonna hate me.


Kibum wiped away her tears as he pulled away.

“I’m sorry baby,” he said, after reluctantly pulling away from Minhee’s soft lips. “I have to do it.”

Kibum (Key) had gotten into SM Entertainment, and as a rule, he was prohibited from relationships. He had broken up with Minhee, leaving a lasting memory of his lips on hers. He pulled his hat down to cover his face. He didn’t want her to see him crying.
“Kibum, good luck,” Minhee whispered, tears continuously rolling down her cheeks.

And he walked away. He was gone from her life (or was he?).

Minhee straightened her hat and turned back.

At least I don’t have to pretend about not being in a relationship, she thought. She tried to wipe her tears away, but they just increased.

Dejected, she walked home in the cold.

On reaching the front of her house, she made sure ther were no traces of her crying. She pulled the door open and quickly went to her room. On the way, she saw her mom.

“Minhee, we’re going to the Lees’ tomorrow. Do you remember that boy, Lee Jinki? You’ll have to meet him,” her mom said.

Sniffling, she asked why.

“You’re going to marry him.”

Minhee had heard her parents first talk about her arranged marriage when she was 14. Later, when she turned 19, she was pulled in for a talk where her parents revealed their intentions.

Minhee argued with her parents for a long time, until they said that they would let her be a novelist. She was reeled into the agreement because of that. Anything to become a novelist, anything. She knew it would be after a few years, so though she was not able to digest the fact that she had to marry him, she figured she would deal with it later.

The reason her parents barred her from dating was because of this. Ki bum’s break up with her had come at the right time. Although she felt disappointed, she wouldn’t have to worry about hiding him and her relationship. However, she didn’t think they’d tell her about her marriage on such short notice.

“What? I can’t just get married tomorrow!” she exclaimed.

“Yah, pabo,” mom started, chuckling. “You’re not getting married tomorrow. You’ll just meet him,” she said, and turned to the laundry room, nodding. “Get yourself ready miss,” she said, and went to finish her work.

Minhee was sure that no amount of ‘getting ready’ would make him like her, and the same applied to her.

This isn’t going to work out, she thought, wiping a stray tear.


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Noona Neomu Yeppeo

Annyeong Haseyo!

Welcome to NOONA NEOMU YEPPEO, my first ever Onew fan fiction!


Lee Jinki/Onew

  • kind
  • caring
  • clumsy
  • wants a girlfriend
  • does not want to marry yet
  • Birthday: Dec.14, 1989

Choi Minhee

  • kind
  • caring
  • can cook good food
  • experienced in relationships
  • family person
  • Oppa: Minho
  • Birthday: Dec.25, 1989


Lee Jinki and Choi Minhee’s families have had an age old tradition of marrying each other. But this is Generation Y. Who follows tradition?