Chapter 1

“Jinki, we have to tell you something,” his mother said. Jinki just came home from practicing with his band, and was already in a bad mood since his band mates had forgotten their notes.

He laid down his guitar and irritatedly looked back. “What?”

“Sit down, Jinki.”

He reluctantly made his way towards the table and sat down.

“Jinki, our family has this tradition,” his father started. “It has been followed from my grandfather’s grandfather’s times.”

“OK,” Jink replied, to indicate that he was listening.

“You know your mother’s ancestry, the Park family? We marry them at the age of 21,” his father said, with a worried look. He was sure that his son wouldn’t reply positively.

“OK, you’re married to eomma. Now what? Is Hyunwoo getting married?” Jinki said, oblivious to his predicament.

Hyunwoo was his cousin.

“No, Hyunwoo is only 20 years old, son,” his mother replied, shaking her head. “What is your age?”

“Twent-,” he started, and realized what they were referring to. He was 21 years old.

“What? I’m not getting married! Oh my God, eomma, how can you just push this onto me?” Jink said, shooting up. “What about my band, what about my career? You know I want to get into SM. How will they accept me?”

“Jinki, its not someone you don’t know. Do you remember Minhee?” his mom said.

Jinki blushed on thinking about Minhee. he was a bit pretty, and Jinki remembered having fun staring at her while playing at a lone family get together.

But  he still did not not want to marry her. He wanted to love someone, and cherish the bond between them. He wasn’t for the idea of forcing a relationship.

“Minhee… how can I marry her? Aren’t we like cousins or something,” Jinki retorted, figuring out that they were related some way or the other. He smirked, with a sense of victory. “My babies wont come out well if I make them with her.”

“She is very distant. We’re barely related her. It won’t matter if you marry her. And for the record, if your dad was my cousin, you would have turned out like hell too. You have flawless features because we were distant in relation. Not considered relatives at all,” his mom said.

Jinki liked it when his mother praised him. His tone softened.

“But eomma, appa,” started, turning to both of them. “I just can’t do it. I’m not ready to get married to her. She’s not my type, and she probably hates this idea too. We’re in the 21st century, guys! We don’t have to follow stupid things like this,” Jinki said, nodding his head.

“Jinki, Minhee and her parents are coming tomorrow. This is inevitable. You cannot avoid this tradition. Tomorrow you’ll come out and meet her,” his dad said, getting up.

“No buts,” he added, making Jinki close his mouth.

“Your father’s right, baby. You’ll like each other, I promise,” his mother said, and went to the kitchen.

Jinki looked down with clenched fists. What the hell? I’m not going to marry Choi Minhee. Just watch, eomma. She’s gonna hate me.


Kibum wiped away her tears as he pulled away.

“I’m sorry baby,” he said, after reluctantly pulling away from Minhee’s soft lips. “I have to do it.”

Kibum (Key) had gotten into SM Entertainment, and as a rule, he was prohibited from relationships. He had broken up with Minhee, leaving a lasting memory of his lips on hers. He pulled his hat down to cover his face. He didn’t want her to see him crying.
“Kibum, good luck,” Minhee whispered, tears continuously rolling down her cheeks.

And he walked away. He was gone from her life (or was he?).

Minhee straightened her hat and turned back.

At least I don’t have to pretend about not being in a relationship, she thought. She tried to wipe her tears away, but they just increased.

Dejected, she walked home in the cold.

On reaching the front of her house, she made sure ther were no traces of her crying. She pulled the door open and quickly went to her room. On the way, she saw her mom.

“Minhee, we’re going to the Lees’ tomorrow. Do you remember that boy, Lee Jinki? You’ll have to meet him,” her mom said.

Sniffling, she asked why.

“You’re going to marry him.”

Minhee had heard her parents first talk about her arranged marriage when she was 14. Later, when she turned 19, she was pulled in for a talk where her parents revealed their intentions.

Minhee argued with her parents for a long time, until they said that they would let her be a novelist. She was reeled into the agreement because of that. Anything to become a novelist, anything. She knew it would be after a few years, so though she was not able to digest the fact that she had to marry him, she figured she would deal with it later.

The reason her parents barred her from dating was because of this. Ki bum’s break up with her had come at the right time. Although she felt disappointed, she wouldn’t have to worry about hiding him and her relationship. However, she didn’t think they’d tell her about her marriage on such short notice.

“What? I can’t just get married tomorrow!” she exclaimed.

“Yah, pabo,” mom started, chuckling. “You’re not getting married tomorrow. You’ll just meet him,” she said, and turned to the laundry room, nodding. “Get yourself ready miss,” she said, and went to finish her work.

Minhee was sure that no amount of ‘getting ready’ would make him like her, and the same applied to her.

This isn’t going to work out, she thought, wiping a stray tear.


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