I learnt it from Kai and Kyungsoo (1)

poster (wtyt)Chapter 1

Yeong Ri woke up next to her boyfriend’s bare chest. She smiled gently and snuggled closer, wrapping her arm on his waist.

She gently closed her eyes when Chanyeol emitted a loud grunt.

“Five more minutes, Baekhyun,” he said. “I slept with Yeong Ri yesterday. I’m tired…”

Yeong Ri chuckled. “Yah! I’m still here!” she said, hitting him.

Chanyeol shot up.

“Oh, yeah. Today is my no work day,” he said, showing off his sparkling teeth. His smile was mesmerizing. “How do you want to start?”

“By brushing!” Yeongri replied, and got up, pulling him with her. “Yah, you have to lose weight. I can’t pull you,” she cheekily said, to which Chanyeol pouted. “Do you really think I’m fat?”

She turned back as they entered the bathroom, and laughed.

“You’re so gullible baby! Of course not,” she said, planting a warm kiss on his lips. Again, Chanyeol smiled.

As she reached for their toothbrushes, Chanyeol gripped her arm.

“I don’t want to brush,” he said, turning her chin seductively. He looked into her eyes and said, “Let’s start off from last night, shall we?”

“Channie, if you continued anymore I wouldn’t have been able to walk today. Give me some rest! We have to get cleaned up at least!” she said, and drew her hand out of his grip. She swiped toothpaste on both of their brushes and handed him his.

“Fine,” Chanyeol said, reluctantly stuffing the toothbrush in his mouth. “But afterwards, you have to promise me some sexy times.”

“Whatever,” Yeongri replied, brushing away his pleas. She would deal with him later.

After brushing, Yeongri put her brush down and waited for Chanyeol to finish.

“You’re waiting because you’re mesmerized by my looks, right?” Chanyeol said triumphantly, looking at himself in the mirror.

“Ani,” she laughed. “I’m going to take a bath first.”

And Chanyeol smiled.


Yeong ri stepped into the shower cubicle. She only took long baths in the tub when Chanyeol wasn’t around, to ease off stress and relax in solitude.

As she turned the water on, she heard the bathroom door open. A knot formed in her stomach.

Without closing the water, she closely listened to what was happening outside. She relaxed when she didn’t hear anything.

But after a few seconds she heard a loud and deep chuckle, which caught her off guard. Without any hesitation she screamed, “CHANYEOL!”

She closed the water and scooted to the corner of the cubicle. What came next surprised her.

“Jagi, what happened?” A shirtless Chanyeol worriedly asked, stumbling into cubicle and darting his eyes in search for her.

Yeongri stood in silence for a few moments. She was confused.

“Yah, Yeongri, why did you shout?” Chanyeol asked, now in her closest proximity, drawing her attention back to him.

Yeongri looked down. “I heard someone come in so I got scared,” she said, tracing her hands across his chest.

Chanyeol laughed, “It was me.”

“Were you going to take a bath?”

“No, a shower.”

“But I was taking a shower.”

“So?” he replied. “Can’t I take one with you?”

“Yah, Chanyeol. Get out!” Yeongri said, lightly pushing him. She blushed fiercely knowing that Chanyeol had been looking at her unclothed body for quite some time.

“Wae? You are to have no inhibitions towards me from now on,” he said, picking her up and swinging the door open with his shoulder. He set her down in the tub. “Plus, you promised me some sexy times.”

“Not now,” Yeongri said, avoiding his eyes. Before she could object to his antics again, Chanyeol crashed into her lips. The minty flavour of the toothpaste coursed through her mouth as Chanyeol refused to get off of her.

He then continued by tracing warm kisses down her torso without saying a word. Yeongri was giving in by the minute. He completed the set with two kisses on the tips of her pelvis.

Chanyeol glided up towards her forehead. He looked down at her eyes and huskily asked, “How about now?’


After taking a shower (where Chanyeol deprived her of most of her intentions), Yeongri glided out wearing the clothes that Chanyeol selected for her. Chanyeol decided to wash himself off a second time since he was feeling a bit drowsy, leaving her to prepare breakfast.

“Kimchi jigae,” she muttered under her breath, and drew out a large pot to get started.

Lazily, she cooked rice in the corner and poured the kimchi into the pot she set down.

“What else do I need,” she asked herself, and remembered that the sprouts were on top of the fridge, along with the sondubu (soft tofu) that she needed for the dish.

She carefully got onto her tiptoes and reached out for ingredients, but before she could get them, she felt a sharp pain in her waist.

“Ow,” she snapped and turned to see Chanyeol, who had pinched her.

“Hehe, sorry. Your skin is so… pinchworthy,” he said, lightly kissing her lips. Upon seeing that Yeongri was still unfazed, he tried to divert the topic.

“So, what are you making? Kimchi jigae? Oh you want the dubu? OK,” he said in one breath, and casually took the dubu and the sprouts from the top of the fridge. “Sorry,” he added again, to which Yeongri laughed.

“Yeollie, I wouldn’t get angry at you for such stupid things. You’re so cute, baby,” she said and continued to cook.

“You know what? You’re always making stuff for me. Now let me do it,” he said to Yeongri who slid the sprouts in with the kimchi.

Yeongri smirked. Did Chanyeol know how to cook?

“OK. I don’t feel like cooking anyways,” she said and set down the spoon she was using to mix the ingredients. She turned to the dining table and perched herself on top of it, so as to get a good view of what he was doing.

She laughed as she observed Chanyeol trying to cook. All the while, he had his eyebrows scrunched up and kept muttering to himself about what he had to do next.

“Pepper flakes,” he said, and grabbed a small packet. Instead of pouring a few flakes from the packet into the pot, he decided to throw them in.

“Chef cheoreom!” he exclaimed and threw the flakes in.

Next minute, he was groaning. “Aa, Yeongie, help!” he said, rubbing his eyes. The pepper flakes had gotten into his eyes.

“Channie baby, stop rubbing your eyes!” she said, pushing his hands away to reveal tear stricken eyes closed to the max.

“Aigoo, why did you throw it in like that?” Yeongri said, lightly touching his eyes with cold water. She told him to shut his eyes for a while and lean forward.

“Are you okay?” she said when he finally opened his eyes.

He  halfheartedly nodded and between sniffles, he said,” thank you.”

Laughing, she kissed both of his eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck for support. “Now?”

“Yeah,” he said. Yeongri drew a spoon out of the cupboard and tasted the jigae.

“It tastes fine. You don’t need to put anything else in, OK?” she said, and turned the heat off. She carried the pot to the table and scooped some rice into two bowls.

“Aaa,” Chanyeol said, with extending his arm across the table. He gently fed Yeongri while she fed him.

“By the way, who taught you this?” she said, once both of them were finished and curled up together on Chanyeol’s chair.

Chanyeol came close to her forehead and answered, “Kai taught me how to get you turned on in the shower. Kyungsoo taught me how to cook jigae,” he said.

And she smiled as she felt his lips move across her forehead for every word, because she already knew that.


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