I Learnt it From Kris and Xiumin (2)

“Yeollie,” Yeongri said, sniffling. “Can you sit here with me?”

Chanyeol had keyed in the code to Yeongri’s apartment and came into to find Yeongri sitting on the sofa with a mound of blankets covering her. As worried as he was, he just slumped onto the rug and lay with his eyes closed.

“Wae? Uro?” Chanyeol asked hurriedly as he shot up and walked up to her.

Yeongri rubbed her eyes and replied groggily,” Ani. I’m sick,” and then pouted.

“What? Why are you sick? Do you have a cold?” Chanyeol asked grabbing her arm and sitting on the sofa. “Oh my God, Yeongie, you’re so hot! Why didn’t you call for me before? How in the world did you even get sick?”

Yeongri opened her eyes slowly and turned towards Chanyeol.

“You made me sick.”

“When?” Chanyeol said, quietly, rubbing his back.

“Yesterday. You didn’t let me out of the water. That why I told you not to! But you were just so obsessed with your sexy times! Damn sexy times!” she said, rubbing her face with her hands, rather violently.

“Yeong Ri, you’re acting like a pregnant lady. Why are you getting so mad?” Chanyeol asked, confusedly looking at his angry girlfriend.

“You might as well have made me!” she said and looked into Chanyeol’s eyes, followed by an awkward silence.

Yeong Ri flailed to the side and lay with a sullen face.

“I’m just sick Chanyeollie,” she whined as she fumbled with the blankets so that she was covered as she rested on his lap. “And it’s all because of you.”

With that, she turned to the other side of Chanyeol in an act of defiance.

“Oh, you’re sick, that’s right,” he said, not minding Yeong Ri ignoring him.

He easily lifted her up and placed her on the the dining table.

He made sure the blankets covered her completely and asked if she was comfortable to which she gave him a poker face.

Chanyeol shook the thermometer out of a small bag he found in the medicine cabinet and went back to the hall to check her temperature.

“Aah,” he said, to which Yeongri soullessly opened her mouth. Before Chanyeol could read the temperature, she shook the thermometer off.

“It hurts,” she whined, nodding her head.

“You never let me do it under your hands. What else can I do?” Chanyeol asked, washing off the thermometer.

Yeongri lifted her hand like she was being controlled by a puppet master, without replying to Chanyeol.

But like before, Yeongri pulled away before Chanyeol could read the temperature.

“It’s ticklish, Yeollie,” she said, giggling.

Chanyeol couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She was too cute. He set the thermometer on the table and tickled her lightly again, until they engaged in fight, where Yeong ri could feel her head spinning.

“Chanyeol, stop, stop,” she said, closing her eyes. The fever was just making it worse.

“I feel dizzy,”she said as Chanyeol pulled away from her.

She sighed into Chanyeol’s chest when she could feel herself getting back to normal.

“That hurt a lot,” she said to his shirt, as her boyfriend stood bewildered in her hug.

Coming back to his senses, he tilted her head to face him.

“You’re not going to let me use the thermometer, are you?” he asked, to which she cutely nodded.

“OK, let’s get you some rest,” he said, sighing, and lifting her up into his hands.

He easily walked to her room and gently placed her on the bed, wrapping yet another blanket on her.

“I’ll get you something to eat,” he said, after kissing her forehead lightly.

She rested her head on the headboard the bed as she waited for him to come back with food.

“Don’t put pepper into your eyes again, baby,” she warned him as he left the room.

Chanyeol laughed and replied with, “ne.”

Chanyeol naturally made chicken juk (eat your kimchi anyone?), and carefully took it to Yeong Ri’s room while it was still piping hot.

“I made juk, Yeong ri ah,” he said happily, impressed with his cooking.

He laid the bowl on his lap and started to feed Yeong Ri.

“Yah, put it on the desk!” she reprimanded, coming out of her blankets as she ate the juk.

“Ani, it’s not hot,” he said, waving her suggestion off. “Is it good? Uro?” he asked, looking up to see her crying again.

“Yeah, it’s really good,” she said, smiling at him. “No, it’s like, part of being sick, Channie,” she added, addressing his second question.

Once she finished the food, Chanyeol made, he lay next her on the bed and pulled her in for a hug.

“I’m sorry I got you sick,” he said, and kissed her before she could reply.

“You’re going to get sick,” she once she pulled away, distancing herself from him.

“Andwe,” he whined, pulling her closer than before. “I don’t care. We can be a sick couple! The new couple culture trend,” he said imaginatively, pecking her cheeks.

Yeong Ri did nothing but yawn, satisfied with Chanyeol’s creativity.

“I’ll sing for you,” he said, noticing her droopy eyes.

He then proceeded to sing every part he had in all the songs they had released till then, followed by a few requests from Yeong Ri.

Before she fell asleep, she asked Chanyeol, ” Who taught you all this?”

“I learnt from Kris hyung to take care of you when you were sick, and Xiumin hyung to sing for you when you wanted to sleep. And to make juk, ” he said matter-of-factually.

She smiled as she closed her eyes and cuddled closer to him, because she already knew that.




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