I Learnt it From Baekhyun and Suho (3)

Chanyeol story after so many days!! Yay!!

“Can I take you out today?” asked Chanyeol, nuzzling Yeong Ri.  He had stayed at her apartment for two days until her cold had cured, and wanted to get out of her house.

“Depends on where you’re taking me,” she replied, pointing to an ice cream shop flyer they had gotten that morning. She wiggled her eyebrows, dropping her hint.

“I’ll take you there,” he said, lifting her and carrying her to her bedroom. “But I want to buy you clothes as well.”

“Wae? Don’t I have good clothes?” She asked, as Chanyeol took out some decent clothes for her to wear outside.

“You do, baby. But you need to have some that I bought you,” he replied, trying to lift her shirt off.

“Yah! Get off!” she said, flicking his hands off. “I can get dressed myself. And I’m not getting sick again just because you are a sexy times addict!”

She pushed him outside and made sure the door was locked before putting her clothes on.

“OK. So where are we going first?” she said, once she was finished. Chanyeol was ready, twirling his car keys around his fore finger, having cleaned the hall while Yeongri  was changing.

“The clothes shop. Then I’ll get you some ice cream,” he said, and pulled her out.

Yeongri  knew Chanyeol too much to protest about going to the clothes shop first. As much as he liked food, shopping, especially for others was his thing. He could never be deterred from it.

Chanyeol opened the car door and helped his girlfriend in before he got into his own seat.

“I’m so excited! I’m going to get you the best clothes ever!”


“Baby, you’re like a girl. Give me them one at a time,” Yeongri said, shoving the pile of clothes back into Chanyeol’s hands. She picked the ones she particularly liked and went in to try them. “You can’t open your mouth,” she added, aware of Chanyeol’s impatient whining that he’ll ‘come in if you don’t come out fast’.

After a few minutes, she came out.

“How is it?” she said, motioning him to come next to the door (OK, that sounds weird).

Chanyeol put up an ‘OK’ sign and smiled happily.

“That’s it?”

Chanyeol, flustered, pulled out his phone and quickly typed out a message.



Yeongri knew she could tell him to talk. She didn’t expect him to be that much of a baby, and decided that she could play around with him.

“I don’t know. I’m leaving if you don’t tell me how I look,” she replied, starting back towards the trial room.

She could hear Chanyeol manically typing something out, but proceeded towards the room anyways. She stopped when she heard him play Wonderful (BB for the win!!).

She could understand what he was trying to put down.

“OK. I’ll try the next one on,” she said, locking the door after flashing a smile at him.

For a few seconds, she stood inside just- smiling. These simple actions just left her lost. Only Chanyeol could do this to her. She was genuinely happy.

She slipped on the dress she had pulled out from the pile. She never noticed its length when Chanyeol gave it to her, but now that she was wearing it, she found it too short for her liking. Of course, Chanyeol would pick something like that out. While he was a baby and just cute at heart, he was very cocky since his demanding profession made him miss and therefore crave Yeongri more than ever.

Nevertheless, she walked out to Chanyeol’s wealthy smile, ready with a song. Winking, he played Boom, which his Super Junior sunbaenims had shared with him.

This is how it went for a good amount of time, each time Chanyeol conveying his thoughts with a song.

Finally, Chanyeol typed out on his phone:


“Yay!” Yeong ri exclaimed, and quickly went in to put on her own clothes.

After coming out, she noticed that Chanyeol had neatly put all the clothes she had tried out back into the basket.

“Are you going to buy all of them?” she asked, eyeing the basket. “You can talk,” she added, tired of him reaching out for his phone all the time.

“All but this one,” he answered, pulling the short dress she felt uncomfortable wearing. “I know you don’t like it.”

All Yeongri had to do was smile sheepishly and thank him before clinging onto his sleeve. They were both happy with that.

But another concern arose in Yeongri’s mind.

“Yah, you can’t pay for all of that! I’m not here to make you bankrupt!” she said, but was too late as Chanyeol swiped his card, silencing his girlfriend. “Yah, Channie, you have to let me pay for the ice cream, at least,” she said, as they walked out of the shop towards the ice cream shop. “OK,” he said, happily, happy with himself that he got his girlfriend clothes.


“Its yucky, baby,” he said, shoving aside his ice cream. Yeongri had bought chocolate ice cream, as usual, while Chanyeol opted to go different and bought olive flavoured ice cream.

“Let me have yours,” he whined, slumping onto the table.

“No way! I payed, and I will eat!”

“Baby, pretty please?” he asked, looking up at her with his humongous eyes. They shone into the light that was directly above them. It didn’t help that Yeongri could never resist Chanyeol’s sparkly aegyo.

Taking a spoon of ice cream, she slowly advanced towards his mouth to feed him, but playfully shoved it into her mouth. Or that’s what she planned to do. Chanyeol was aware of her playfulness, and so lunged across the table and encased her mouth with his, forcing the spoon and his lips to her mouth. Swiftly, he licked the ice cream off the spoon and the walls of her mouth before settling down in his chair, winking at Yeongri, who felt, pretty much, scarred for life.

“That was the most disgusting thing ever, Chanyeol!” she said, her eyes watering from the force with which he kissed her.

“Don’t cry for that, baby,” he said, chuckling, and once again stretching over the table to wipe the tears away.

“How about a better one?” he asked, and held her chin, giving her a much more affectionate kiss, as Yeongri laughed.

“Do not ever do that again,” she said, between kisses, and went on. “Who taught you all this?” “Suho told me to spend all my money on you, and Baekhyun told me that his mom likes it when he plays songs to her instead of talking. He also told me that he did that ice cream thing when he was on a date by accident. He got dumped, though. You’re not gonna dump me, right? I’m not nasty like Baekhyun,” he replied, chattering non stop. Yeongri smiled as she nodded, holding Chanyeol’s warm hands, because she already knew that.

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