The Spark

“Who do you think you’re going to get?” Cheondung asked, as he sat down under the maple tree.

Mir shrugged. “I don’t know anyone. What about you?”

Mir and Cheondung belonged to class 12-E, and had currently gotten hold of news for the entire class. Apparently, the English department of the school had organized a joint activity for the 12th graders, in which they would team up with their seniors, who had graduated, to work on their creative writing projects.

As soon as the bell rang, both Cheondung and Mir ran to the classroom. Mir enthusiastically jumped onto the desk in the closest proximity and shouted at the top of his lungs.


“-Thank you, Cheolyeong Hakyeo. I think that’s quite enough disruption, though. Please get back to your seat,” interrupted their class teacher.

Mir scrambled to his desk and sat up straight, looking at Cheondung, who was giving him a -why,mir,why?- look.

That was one thing in which Mir shone out from everyone else. He was too sociable, and too energetic. No one has ever gotten genuinely mad at him, rather gently reprimanding him. And he has never gotten angry at anyone before either- he was too nice for that. The biggest extrovert of the class, Mir was the only person who cockily made fun of teachers, or talked back to fellow classmates in front of the teacher. He was very unique; all his classmates were rather elegant and quiet, studying most of the time, while he was too absorbed in making jokes or vying for his friends’ attention.

“As you friend has already announced, the creative writing projects will take place in the company of the previous batch. They will assist you on the each project in class, and you will be expected to use the pointers discussed to complete the work. The grading system will remain the same. Each of you will be assisted by two seniors,” their class teacher continued, standing in front of the class.

At that very moment, there was a faint knock at the classroom door, before a handsome 20-something man stuck his head in, smiling.

“Annyeong haseyo. Is this Teacher Park’s class? We are here for the creative writing project,” he said, after bowing deeply.

“Ah, yes. We were just talking abot you! Please come in and pick a student,” she said, gesturing for them to come in.

Mir blankly looked on as they filed in and stood beside his classmates. He, interestingly, did not find anything interesting in them as they finally arrived.

However, he as he saw the same boy from the beginning walk towards him with another equally happy boy, his stomach turned over.

“Please introduce yourselves,” their class teacher said, and proceeded to hand out the first creative writing project.

“Annyeong. I’m Lee Jinki,” said the first boy, showing of his wealthy smile.

“I’m Lee Chansung. Just call me Joon, though,” the other said, gently grinning at Mir.

Mir faintly replied back with his name before bowing down deeply. He punched his cheeks before getting back up to face them.

As they read through the worksheet, Mir quietly observed them.

Lee Jinki and Lee Chansung looked too similar. However, a different feel resonated from Chansung. Mir warmed up whenever something very flustering or exciting happened, and at this point, he was boiling hot. He wasn’t sure whether it was because he was excited to converse with these two, or scared. But if he was excited, he didn’t know the reason for which it would cause him to become so hot. He again took a quick glance at Chansung before his stomach rolled over once again. There was something special about him, and Mir didn’t know what it was. Possibly because he was amazingly handsome? Or perhaps it was his magnificent body.

Mir mentally slapped himself. He was thinking like a deranged fan girl. He had barely even met him, and moreover, it was simply too- gay to adore the boy’s looks.

“You may get started,” the teacher said.

Jinki and Joon excitedly turned to Mir.

“OK, so, it says that your first assignment will be letter writing. You know the formats for informal and formal letters, right?” Joon started, pointing to the worksheet.

Mir quietly recited both formats, avoiding Joon’s eyes.

“Speak up, dude!” Jinki happily said, slapping Mir playfully across the back. “You’re going to have to deal with us for the whole year, so we’ve got to become close.”

Mir obliged and spoke up a bit, once again reciting the formats of the two types of letters.

“OK, you seem pretty smart, man,” Joon replied, after he was done. “Should be a breeze to finish. Let’s do a fighting for some spirit.”

Mir gingerly placed his hand on Joon’s before quietly shouting ‘Fighting!’.

That spark. It was way too cheesy, but Mir knew he felt it.

It was going to be hard for him to open up, something very unusual for him. He took one last glance at Joon before proceeding to discuss the project with them. He felt himself warm up again. What was wrong with him?

First chapter up! I hope it doesn’t seem too mediocre, becuase I had to power myself through the whole thing by putting Larc~en~Ciel’s Good Luck My Way on repeat. ❤


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