“Satsuko, what’s happening?” Kris screamed, trying to hold on to her.

He was slowly disintegrating. He watched in horror as his hands turned into wisps of air, losing their grasp on Satsuko’s warm hands.

“What the fuck, Satsuko! Help me!” he said desperately, looking frantically for somewhere to latch on to.

Tears rolled down Satsuko’s cheeks as she to run through her mind for some way to stop it. Kris was the sole reason she came to Earth.

She never realized this would happen. But she was too late.

“Kris, it’s OK!” she whispered, throwing her hands on any part of Kris that wasn’t fading away.

His breathing became ragged as his abdomen slowly vanished.

He didn’t even get to finish saying her name.

Satsuko looked on helplessly as her fiance turned to air before her. He was gone.

Satsuko tried desperately to stop crying. She could never think when she cried.

Despite her mind being stuck in a hazy, clueless state, she racked her brain for something to help. Everything coincided with before- so how could she go back?

A bright light dispelled the fog in her mind as she found the answer.

Satsuko had to die to go to Earth. So she had to die to go back.

She gingerly stood up  and walked towards the hundreds of candles on display. Each one was carefully placed by each of Kris’s friends to commemorate their marriage.

She looked up to the painting of Jesus, before grasping one of the candlesticks. She caressed the bottom to find out whose candle it was.

Chanyeol, she smiled. Perfect.


She gently closed her eyes and lifted the candle to her shoulder level before throwing it onto the thick fabric that draped the walls.

She felt it catch fire as she tipped each and every candle into the inferno. Each and every one, except for the tallest, standing in the middle.

This one was special. It was the one she and Kris had made, exclusively for the wedding.

She stared at the intricate designs carved into the wax.

A sun on the right, and smal maple leaves to the left. Below, a beautiful flower, blooming with grace, and above, a small angel, complete with a halo.

She looked into the making herself. It was probably her biggest treasure at that point of time. Kris, and the candle.

Their candle was left standing upright.

Satsuko tried to smile as she removed the fabric with her bare arms. but all that came down was tears. Slowly, she wrapped the cloth around her, taking in the roaring fire. But it made her happy. She loved flames, becuase it meant she was close to Kris.

The last thing she saw was their candle.



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