After a few years, during the end of the autumn month Gaulhan, Yifan brought Chaeyoung to his palace while his parents were out. He gently placed her on the bed, and ravished her body, while she waited for her turn.


She stayed over that night, even when his parents came back. Yifan made sure all measures were put into place, should his parents come into his room.


“Chae- are you OK?” he found himself frequently asking. Chaeyoung broke into tears now and then, and watching them roll down her cheeks because of him- he couldn’t help but feel guilty.


Once again, it reverberated in their minds.


You believe in me right?


Yes, I do believe in you.


Chaeyoung kept repeating it in her head. She trusted Yifan, and she knew she was going to fall for him any day soon. She remembered the many times he swooped in for a kiss. There was friction between them because of her denial, and everything was gone now.


The real problem arose when Chaeyoung went home to find herself emitting fire from her hands. She was shocked when tiny orange flames popped up from her palm as she lifted them.


Her heart began to beat relentlessly- this was BAD. The worst thing that could happen to her. Giving up her virginity to Yifan seemed depressing at first, but she didn’t know how she was going to cope with this.


On cue, Yifan stepped into her wrecked house, realizing what would have happened.


Yifan thought about it as soon as they finished. He couldn’t and wouldn’t forget that night. He was ecstatic, but slightly concerned for Chaeyoung as well. He had regrets. A lot, initially.


It was only after Chaeyoung left did he realize what he did to her. She would surely get executed if someone found out, and he had no idea what he would face.


Yifan cringed at the thought of her having powers. He would have loved it, if not for those damned laws.


And his damned parents.


Yifan was totally against his parents. If they staged another protest, he would willingly participate. That was how much he hated them, and that was how much he felt for Chaeyoung.


“Chae, is something wrong?” he said, looking at her balled up in the corner. He prayed that it wasn’t powers.


His heart dropped when she lifted her hand and showed him a small orange flame.


“Don’t worry. I’m going to get you out of this. We’ll run away somewhere- I’ll even take you to the Earth to get away,” he blabbered, frantically. His mind was swimming with misery and anxiety. He spoke fast, because he would do anything to get away from the problem. Anything for her safety, and for her love.


Chaeyoung wept like never before. She had only cried to this calibre when her parents died. Her fingers shook as they tried to cover her face.


“Chaeyoung, please don’t cry. In a few days, I’ll solve everything,” whispered, beginning to tear up himself. He tried to smile and make her happy, but his mouth would not budge.


Yifan took in a deep breath of air as he resorted to his final option. He knew she would agree- but that would be when they were happy, on a light, breezy day. Not now. But he had to.


“Chaeyoung,” he started, before shaking it off. They were in a tight, pretty bad situation, but he wanted it to be memorable in some good way.


“Moon Chaeyoung. I’ve only been together with you for about two years, yet I possibly know everything about you, and vice versa,” he said, trying to calm down. He saw Chaeyoung relax a tiny bit as well.


Wiping her tears, he continued,” I don’t know what it is about us that brought us together, but I know that I don’t care. You’re probably the only person that I would turn against my parents for. You’re the only person I’d die for. I-I love you so much. Chaeyoung, please marry me.”


He waited with bated breath as she withdrew her hands from her face. She was scarred, and frightened.


Yifan had a strong feeling she was just going to slap him and run away. But she quietly whispered, “Yes.”


That was all. She said ‘yes’ and Yifan turned into the happiest man in the galaxy.


He hugged her tightly, softly chuckling as she began to cry again. His warmth stopped her body from shaking.


“I’ll get my friends to arrange everything, and we’ll do it a few days after. It’s convenient that the next month is Gyeojang (winter). It’s auspicious,” he said, without letting go of her.


He kissed the crook of her neck, before saying with a smile, “I love you, and I’ll never let you go, OK?”



Chaeyoung gulped. She could see her throat bulge and then relax in the mirror.

She straightened out her dress, and took a deep breath.


“I do,” she repeated. She wanted to make sure that she didn’t ruin the ceremony. Yifan’s friends had put so much effort into it. And Yifan himself was pretty hyped, despite the risk. She couldn’t ruin it for him. Everything had to be perfect.


She was taken aback when she heard a loud thumping noise outside of her door. Everything she heard, or saw made her jump. She was scared to death that something might go wrong- someone would find out.


She nervously opened the door and smiled, trying to mask her fright.


But there was no reason to be scared when she saw Baekhyun smiling back at her.


“Are you ready,” he asked, to which she nodded.

She took a breath of relief as he lead her outside to where Yifan was standing.


He looked breathtaking.


Everything had to be perfect. Everything.




Chaeyoung stared at Yifan, his mouth perfectly shaping the words, ‘I do.’

It was her turn, and she took a deep breath before confidently saying, “Yes, I do.”


Yifan grinned. He didn’t even wait for the priest to ‘pronounce them as husband and wife’, before he lunged into her lips for a soulful kiss.


That moment was unforgettable. She felt a huge rush course through her body. It was technically their first kiss- both of them didn’t count the numerous other times they did or tried to. This was the first true one.


Chaeyoung’s heart stopped when she heard a not so familiar voice.

Yifan’s heart stopped when he heard a familiar voice. One that he was hoping not to hear.


Yifan could cry. He felt like he was turning into mush as he pulled away from the kiss.


His heart was beating like never before, and there was a justified reason why.


Before him stood his parents themselves, along with a troop of DM.


They didn’t even speak. Both his parents didn’t even have to introduce themselves, or at least turn into dragon form, because she could feel their aura. It reeked of superiority, and higher power.


Chaeyoung was hoping against hope that this wouldn’t happen. Yet it did.


Everything had to be perfect. And with just one moment, it all came crashing down.




Yifan, along with his twelve friends, watched in horror as Chaeyoung was tied up and brought into the middle of the grounds.


He tried to fight back his tears, but he wasn’t capable of that much. He bawled, and screamed like his life depended on it.

But it did.


Chaeyoung became his life.


He wasn’t even capable of speech as he watched her weep, awaiting her fate.


“CHAEYOUNG, I LOVE YOU!” he screamed, fighting the binds that held him back.


It only made Chaeyoung cry more.

She curled up against the soft grass of the executioning grounds, unable to support her weight.


“CHAE- I’LL GET YOU BACK! I’M GONNA HELP YOU!” he shouted. He wasn’t thinking, because his mind was clogged with sorrow. Utter misery. It was hopeless.


Yifan looked on as an inferno blazed the ground, from all sides.


She was gone.




Although Yifan was their son, he had broken a great number of laws. Moreover, he had turned against his parents.


They couldn’t execute him and his friends for obvious reasons, but they could hand out a punishment similar to it.


All twelve of them were sent to Earth. They had their names changed, and their memories erased, to start a new life on Earth.







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