OK, so this page is for sort of explaining myself, more than my job.

I take great interest in writing, and with an incurable obsession towards kpop, I naturally felt that fan fiction would help me compress or let out my feels.

However, when I got embroiled in the process of writing and reading fan fics, I found myself taking it up with a work-like sort of respect.

So here I am, after trying a countless number of times to make an account in Asianfanfics, where it says that my username is incorrect even after making the username and password my email address. Please go and try it out if you don’t have an account there already.

My biases include:


SHINee: Onew


EXO: Chanyeol/ Kris. (This actually complicated. I like Chanyeol the most int eh whole of EXO, Chanyeol the most in EXO-K, and Kris the most in EXO-M and second in the whole of EXO)

BTS: Suga/Jeongkook

INFINITE: Dongwoo/Sungyeol

VIXX: Leo/Ravi

B2ST: Hyunseung

MBLAQ: Lee Joon

B.A.P: Bang Yong Guk/ Youngjae

B1A4: Baro

BLOCK B: B-Bomb/U-Kwon/Taeil/ Zico (I don’t really have biases in BLOCKB ^..^)

BTOB: Minhyuk

DBSK (+JYJ): Jaejoong

UKISS: Kevin

I also like actors Song Joong Ki, Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Woo Bin.

Please feel free to contact me via email or by registering into my personal website. Both addresses are given in the Contact Me widget in the sidebar. (Do not click the links on the sidebar!)

Have fun with the fan fics!




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