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Finally, everything came back to Kris. 

He was Yifan, the prince of Dragons. He was in love with Chaeyoung, from the lower caste.

And she was about to be executed again.

But something was different this time.

Aside from the fact that his friends weren’t tied up with him, he felt a different air in the atmosphere. It was breezy, and slightly cool. 

Not like before, when it was humid, and oppressive.

“Yifan, I love you!” Shouted Chaeyoung. She was hoping against hope that Kris had regained his memory.

Yifan felt a different force take over him.

He was bound to the side of the execution ground. But this force gave him the ability to free himself.

He ripped through the imaginary wall that separated him and Chaeyoung. 

Slowly, he untied her, before cradling her in his arms. 

” I told you I would save you. I promised I would get you back,” he said, hugging her tightly.

As they moved in for a kiss, the inferno that was supposed blaze through the grounds moved outwards, towards the emperor and empress. 

The inferno was too much for beings of their calibre as well. Since it was driven by the force of love.

Both were burnt to crisps before Yifan, but he couldn’t care less. He was where he was supposed to be. With Chaeyoung.

The old king is gone, long live the king.

And rise for the new one.

It was like fireworks for a beautiful ending, and a new beginning.

Everything had to be perfect. And it was.


Yay!! I hope you liked this story! 
I wasn’t sure on how to end it, and is seemed pretty fit. Like a movie ending, you know. 
Anyway, happy reading! And wish me all the best 😀


Satsuko hated idols. 
She completely despised them.
It felt like she was born to be an outcast- she seemed to be the only person that disliked them.

Why? They showed off charm, had a lot of talent, and weren’t bad people, right?

To Satsuko, none of these mattered.

Satsuko was part of the staff at SM Entertainment. 
She was in charge of the cafeteria in the huge, menacing building, and so had to take on full responsibility for catering, providing food at the cafeteria itself, and maintaining her work space and equipment.

Satsuko obviously wasn’t content with her job. No one was skilled enough to accompany her, so she had to look into everything by herself. 
It wasn’t like she chose the profession- Satsuko lost both her parents at a young age, and was left with little wealth. Her education wasn’t up to mark either, with no one contributing for her expenses. The only employment she could find was at SM.

Everyday, she watched as hundreds of trainees and idols walked past her, hardly acknowledging her presence. They took the fruit of her work without hesitation, but she got no recognition for it. She had to follow the same, boring regimen, and cater to thousands of inconsiderate brats by herself.

Satsuko wasn’t that old- she was in her 20s. She figured she would get a bit of attention from the men, because she did have attractive looks. But no one seemed to notice her. She was lowly among the other people. Even children who had not yet started training looked down upon her.

But it wasn’t like Satsuko wanted them to appreciate her for her appealing looks. She couldn’t care less about developing ‘infatuation’ with the idols that passed her everyday. All she wanted was a little attention. Some privileges that the others got. She wanted to be recognised within their league.

But until a fateful meeting, she was left with her kitchen appliances, and a thousand stomachs to fill.


One day, Satsuko woke up, fairly grumpily, and solemnly went about her morning routine.

Something was off about that day, and she wasn’t feeling good about it.

Later on, she came to know of the root of her problems.
As she stepped onto the streets, she saw a large barricade, and millions of teenage girls excitedly cheering.


That pathway was the shortest distance from her house to the SM building. And they had blocked it because EXO had to film.

Satsuko fumed inside, and stormed to the front.

Unfortunately, she was pushed away from the set, before she could argue with anybody. She glared as one of the band members stared at her.

Kris, she thought, trying to identify him.

He was her new symbol for enmity. She hated idols, and she downright despised EXO.

After Satsuko got home after a long day of work, she started her computer and hurriedly opened her e-mail account, anger coursing through her entire body.

She decided to take the issue in her own hands. She was going to send a formal e-mail to the head of staff at SM, asking them to up her privileges. She was going to talk about her condition, and how she felt lowly and lived adversely. 
She was going to make sure she got what she wanted. She didn’t care if she got fired, because she could not manage her job without compensation.

Crazed, she punched the enter button, and was relieved to see that it was sent. She waited with bated breath for a reply.

And a reply she got.

After a few days, Satsuko happily opened the conversation, awaiting her superior’s verdict. She wasn’t sure of how he took the matter- she tried to make his expressions out during work, for no avail.

She excitedly skimmed through the message.

“Taken your claims into interest…. Meet at practice room…. EXO.”

Two sides of Satsuko burst into flames. One was embroiled in happiness. She was going to get better conditions. Her life was certainly going to turn for the better. But the other side was slightly doubtful, and confused. 
Why did she have to meet him at EXO’s practice room? Was that the new staff headquarters?

She began to doubt the e-mail, and got tensed. Did she send it to the right person?


Turn’s out she didn’t. 
Satsuko gingerly stepped into EXO’s practice room at 2:40PM, which was when the cafeteria opened.

“Is anybody there?” She said, peeping through the small slit she made.

A youthful, but deep voice answered her. Certainly not the head of staff.

“Oh, yeah. Come in.”

Satsuko stepped in to see a tall, toned, body, decorated with a shirt and skinny jeans. His face was breathtaking. 
It was Kris.

” Oh, I’m sorry, but I was called-” she started, bowing.

” Yeah, it’s OK. I called you,” replied, grinning, and motioning for her to sit down.

Sastuko’s stomach lurched. So she did send it to the wrong person. It could have been anyone, but it was Kris. Of all people. Just the luck she had.

Once she settled down, Kris said, ” So, you have a bone to pick with us idols.”

Satsuko slowly nodded, intimidated by him. She was evidently scared of what he would do. Satsuko still hadn’t gotten her privileges, so he could do what he wanted with her.

” Can you explain? I’m genuinely interested. I want to help you,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Truthfully, Kris was appalled to read her e-mail. He was sure she didn’t mean to send it to him, but nevertheless, he felt the need to help her. She was very pitiful.

Satsuko was taken aback. Was he being sarcastic? But he said ‘genuinely’. And he did have a genuine smile.

But idols could force smiles and talk sweet all the time.

” I just don’t really like you guys.”

She couldn’t believe she had said that. She felt like getting up and never coming back, but something made her reply. She was scared, yet determined to tell her side of the story.

Kris laughed.

” Yeah, I get that. But why? We haven’t ever done anything to you,” he replied.

Satsuko’s stomach burned. They haven’t done anything to her? Was he insane? Her life was ruined by them.

The seething memories of yesterday morning and the many others before engulfed her mind. She couldn’t ignore them or him. Without her consent, she began to explain everything that made her what she was.

After she finished, Kris was taken aback. He wasn’t sure on how to react. He was and idol, and therefore, had respect for other idols and trainees. But hearing her story, he lost respect for himself as well. 
Sastuko’s life was much worse than his. Sure, he had rigorous practice, and non-stop schedules, but Satsuko’s was damaging emotionally. She did have a lot of physical work to do, but she was hurt. Her feelings were hurt.

” I’m really sorry about it. We really are-“


Both of them felt tiny shock. It was enough to give them a small jolt, but enough for them to ignore afterwards. The atmosphere was warmer than before. Satsuko was feeling… happy. Kris was feeling… happy. And they had no idea why.

They could feel a connection. But unfortunately, Kris had to go.

They exchanged numbers and agreed to meet some other time. And Kris vowed to help her.

After a few months, the whole k-pop world was taken by shock, and surprise.

Kris had threatened to leave EXO. He cited professional reasons, but Satusko knew why.

After Kris left that day, he sent her text message. They conversed through that, e-mail, and sometimes, late night calls. They had become extremely close, and each time their connection grow stronger, they just felt happy. They couldn’t quite place the feeling, but they were warm and fuzzy. They smiled without knowing. It seemed to be happiness. They reasoned it out to be happiness because of a new friendship.

Or was it something else?

Over the days, Kris had begun to open up to her about his problems. His health issues, and the strain and stress he had because of his profession. She knew it was coming, and truthfully, as much as she hated idols, she didn’t want him to leave the band.

But Kris had different reasons.

It was for Satsuko. He wasn’t going to leave- he knew they would compensate for him in some way, but he wanted to show Satsuko that he cared for her. Even if he didn’t want to, Kris’s top priority was Satsuko’s health and happiness.

Sure enough, when Kris threatened, SM brought him in to talk and tried to change his mind. He obviously did, but he didn’t care about their compensation. He just hoped Satsuko acknowledged his concern for her.

At night, Satsuko called Kris and asked him to rejoin EXO.

Frankly, Kris was a bit depressed that Satuko made no mention of his sacrifice for her. Eventually, he learnt to leave it. He was overwhelmed, instead, that Satsuko cared for his profession. He liked to think it was he who changed that.

Sure enough, it was.

At the end of the call, when they were ready to sleep, Kris said, ” So how’s about I take you to work tomorrow?”

“Kris, we can’t be seen together, and you know that!” She replied, trying to mask the excitement in her voice.

” Come on,  I wanna help you. I heard SHINee is filming near your path tomorrow. I can smuggle you into the SM building.”

Satsuko laughed. “Fine, you can come. At 7:00, OK?”

Satsuko laid on her back and smiled. She tried to force it into a frown, but she couldn’t. She could feel energy surge through her. She was happy, and it was because of Kris.

Back at Kris’s dorm, the same happened with him.
He didn’t know why he was so bent on her. But he liked it. He liked Satsuko.

He liked  Satsuko, and Satsuko liked him.


The next morning, she met Kris outside of her house, and he escorted her through a different path.

It was shady. Something felt off about the path. He was sure it didn’t lead to the SM building.

Her suspicions were revealed to be correct when Kris mumbled, ” I hope you know I’m not taking you for work.”

Satsuko nodded, before saying, ” I figured.”

” And you have no problem with that?”

Satsuko tried to reprimand him. She did have a problem with it. She had to go to work! But she couldn’t, because she felt happy with him. She didn’t want to go to work, and she was sure he didn’t either. 
So she shook her head, making Kris laugh.

“Good. I want to show you around.”


After the amazing trip Kris gave Satsuko around the town, they found themselves lying, facing the sky, on an open terrace.

They were holding hands, and that was the only thing both had their minds on. They were excited. They weren’t sure why, but they were happy that the other didn’t pull their hand away.

“Why did you do this?” She asked, sitting upright with him.

” You’re Satsuko Nakamura. I figured you weren’t from Korea. So I thought I would show you around,” he said.

Satsuko laughed. Kris wasn’t from Korea either, and she was sure she lived in Korea for longer than Kris.
But she ignored it. She loved it. Every moment spent with Kris was magical, and she didn’t mind him giving her tours for the rest of her life.

“Not to mention, I have a penchant for foreigners,” he uttered, moments after.

Satsuko snapped her neck to the side and stared back at Kris, who was staring at her.

He wasn’t sure if what he was doing was right. But his instinct told him it was. He inched closer to her, and slowly touched her cheeks.

A small tuft of hair fell in between his fingers, which he gently pushed back behind her ear.

Satsuko’s heart was beating relentlessly.

Kris smiled before saying, “You’re cool.”

He then closed the small gap between them, engulfing her in an enticing kiss.

Satsuko’s heat stopped.

Everything was coming back to her.

Her previous identity, and Kris’s. Their journey, and her death.

She winced at the last one.

‘You know what happens. And you’re here to change that.’

She repeated it in her mind. 
‘I know what happens, and I’m here to change that.’


Kris was infuriated with himself. He didn’t know when to stop. After their kiss, he took her home. They both uttered nothing. He stepped into her house and stayed there for the night, fulfilling his fantasies. She was amazing, and so was  he.

What he did made him want to stay over forever, but made him want to leave and run away as well. Sure, Satsuko gave him her permission, but he still knew that they weren’t ready for it.

Satsuko seemed to be deeply disturbed, which made Kris even more depressed. He questioned himself every moment afterwards. He could see Satsuko didn’t like it.

But she wasn’t disturbed by it. She knew it was going to happen, having regained the memories of her past.

What disturbed her the most was that Kris hadn’t. He had no idea of what their relationship before was. He had no idea who he was before, and how he was sent to Earth. Satsuko repeated it in her mind.

“I know what happens. And I’m here to change that.”

She figured that the fact that she died and Kris was merely exiled was the reason for the difference between them. Something about losing her soul made her destined to repeat their story again. But nevertheless, she felt slightly depressed.

Satsuko knew what was going to come next.

In the previous life, she had begun to develop powers. In the human world, it was equivalent to becoming pregnant.

Sure enough, when Kris consulted the doctor about her vomiting, it was revealed that she had conceived.

Kris was distraught. He knew both of them weren’t ready for a baby at all. They hadn’t even formally professed their love for each other. He kept stealing glances at Satsuko.

Regardless, of the fact that she was aware of what was going to happen, Satsuko cried. She was a strong person, who rarely showed tears, but this was an exception. Satsuko didn’t want to give birth. She was scared.

What would his fans say? The public was the worst critic. They would definitely slam her, and label her as a slut.

When they reached home, Kris had finalised on what he was going to do.

He sat her down at the table, and tried to pacify her weeping.

He then started, “Nakamura Satsuko.”

Satsuko began to weep harder. It was coming back to her.

“I’ve only been together with you for about three months, yet I possibly know everything about you, and vice versa. I don’t know what it is about us that brought us together, but I know that I don’t care. You’re probably the only person that I would turn against my fans, and my members for. You’re the only person I’d die for. I-I love you so much. Chaeyoung, please marry me.”

Satsuko couldn’t stop the tears rolling down her cheeks in quick succession. But inside, she was ecstatic. She felt slightly hurt that he still hadn’t regained his older memories. But everything was going according to the past. 
He had even said the same words as before. Satsuko was happy.
But all she could force out was a tiny nod.

That was all Kris needed. He embraced her in a bear hug, and vowed to never let go.


Kris had explained his dilemma to his members.
Although they were slightly angry at him for what he did, they couldn’t abandon him. They agreed to initiate the ceremony. After a few days, he would leave SM and  join a different label.

Satsuko was excited. 
Like before, everything had to be perfect. She was going to make sure it was.

No one could possibly wreck the wedding this time, aside from his fans. But they were getting married late at night, at a small church at the outskirts of the town. She was sure they wouldn’t find out.

She repeated once again in her mind.

” I know what happens. And I’ve come here to change that.”

She then stepped out to face Kris once again.

Satsuko was happy. She was sure she was changing their fate.


“…. I do…”

“… Yes, I do…”


Stop there.

Kris pulled her in for a kiss as the other members shouted in joy. They both smiled into the kiss, especially Satsuko. For once, her wedding kiss wasn’t going to be ruined. She was ecstatic.

She slung her hand onto Kris’s shoulders, him gripping her waist. They pulled away to breathe, but went in for another one shortly after.

Later on, after the whole ceremony finished, Kris requested his friends to give both of them a small duration of solitude. He wanted to dote on her alone. It was their wedding, and he wanted her to be able to experience it fully.

It was when he inched in closer for another kiss that he began to degenerate.

In their previous life, he was exiled to Earth. With no one to exile him back to planet EXO, it was only reasonable that he was sent back by the an external force.

It was the force of love that sent them back and forth. But both of them were yet to realise that.


After a few years, during the end of the autumn month Gaulhan, Yifan brought Chaeyoung to his palace while his parents were out. He gently placed her on the bed, and ravished her body, while she waited for her turn.


She stayed over that night, even when his parents came back. Yifan made sure all measures were put into place, should his parents come into his room.


“Chae- are you OK?” he found himself frequently asking. Chaeyoung broke into tears now and then, and watching them roll down her cheeks because of him- he couldn’t help but feel guilty.


Once again, it reverberated in their minds.


You believe in me right?


Yes, I do believe in you.


Chaeyoung kept repeating it in her head. She trusted Yifan, and she knew she was going to fall for him any day soon. She remembered the many times he swooped in for a kiss. There was friction between them because of her denial, and everything was gone now.


The real problem arose when Chaeyoung went home to find herself emitting fire from her hands. She was shocked when tiny orange flames popped up from her palm as she lifted them.


Her heart began to beat relentlessly- this was BAD. The worst thing that could happen to her. Giving up her virginity to Yifan seemed depressing at first, but she didn’t know how she was going to cope with this.


On cue, Yifan stepped into her wrecked house, realizing what would have happened.


Yifan thought about it as soon as they finished. He couldn’t and wouldn’t forget that night. He was ecstatic, but slightly concerned for Chaeyoung as well. He had regrets. A lot, initially.


It was only after Chaeyoung left did he realize what he did to her. She would surely get executed if someone found out, and he had no idea what he would face.


Yifan cringed at the thought of her having powers. He would have loved it, if not for those damned laws.


And his damned parents.


Yifan was totally against his parents. If they staged another protest, he would willingly participate. That was how much he hated them, and that was how much he felt for Chaeyoung.


“Chae, is something wrong?” he said, looking at her balled up in the corner. He prayed that it wasn’t powers.


His heart dropped when she lifted her hand and showed him a small orange flame.


“Don’t worry. I’m going to get you out of this. We’ll run away somewhere- I’ll even take you to the Earth to get away,” he blabbered, frantically. His mind was swimming with misery and anxiety. He spoke fast, because he would do anything to get away from the problem. Anything for her safety, and for her love.


Chaeyoung wept like never before. She had only cried to this calibre when her parents died. Her fingers shook as they tried to cover her face.


“Chaeyoung, please don’t cry. In a few days, I’ll solve everything,” whispered, beginning to tear up himself. He tried to smile and make her happy, but his mouth would not budge.


Yifan took in a deep breath of air as he resorted to his final option. He knew she would agree- but that would be when they were happy, on a light, breezy day. Not now. But he had to.


“Chaeyoung,” he started, before shaking it off. They were in a tight, pretty bad situation, but he wanted it to be memorable in some good way.


“Moon Chaeyoung. I’ve only been together with you for about two years, yet I possibly know everything about you, and vice versa,” he said, trying to calm down. He saw Chaeyoung relax a tiny bit as well.


Wiping her tears, he continued,” I don’t know what it is about us that brought us together, but I know that I don’t care. You’re probably the only person that I would turn against my parents for. You’re the only person I’d die for. I-I love you so much. Chaeyoung, please marry me.”


He waited with bated breath as she withdrew her hands from her face. She was scarred, and frightened.


Yifan had a strong feeling she was just going to slap him and run away. But she quietly whispered, “Yes.”


That was all. She said ‘yes’ and Yifan turned into the happiest man in the galaxy.


He hugged her tightly, softly chuckling as she began to cry again. His warmth stopped her body from shaking.


“I’ll get my friends to arrange everything, and we’ll do it a few days after. It’s convenient that the next month is Gyeojang (winter). It’s auspicious,” he said, without letting go of her.


He kissed the crook of her neck, before saying with a smile, “I love you, and I’ll never let you go, OK?”



Chaeyoung gulped. She could see her throat bulge and then relax in the mirror.

She straightened out her dress, and took a deep breath.


“I do,” she repeated. She wanted to make sure that she didn’t ruin the ceremony. Yifan’s friends had put so much effort into it. And Yifan himself was pretty hyped, despite the risk. She couldn’t ruin it for him. Everything had to be perfect.


She was taken aback when she heard a loud thumping noise outside of her door. Everything she heard, or saw made her jump. She was scared to death that something might go wrong- someone would find out.


She nervously opened the door and smiled, trying to mask her fright.


But there was no reason to be scared when she saw Baekhyun smiling back at her.


“Are you ready,” he asked, to which she nodded.

She took a breath of relief as he lead her outside to where Yifan was standing.


He looked breathtaking.


Everything had to be perfect. Everything.




Chaeyoung stared at Yifan, his mouth perfectly shaping the words, ‘I do.’

It was her turn, and she took a deep breath before confidently saying, “Yes, I do.”


Yifan grinned. He didn’t even wait for the priest to ‘pronounce them as husband and wife’, before he lunged into her lips for a soulful kiss.


That moment was unforgettable. She felt a huge rush course through her body. It was technically their first kiss- both of them didn’t count the numerous other times they did or tried to. This was the first true one.


Chaeyoung’s heart stopped when she heard a not so familiar voice.

Yifan’s heart stopped when he heard a familiar voice. One that he was hoping not to hear.


Yifan could cry. He felt like he was turning into mush as he pulled away from the kiss.


His heart was beating like never before, and there was a justified reason why.


Before him stood his parents themselves, along with a troop of DM.


They didn’t even speak. Both his parents didn’t even have to introduce themselves, or at least turn into dragon form, because she could feel their aura. It reeked of superiority, and higher power.


Chaeyoung was hoping against hope that this wouldn’t happen. Yet it did.


Everything had to be perfect. And with just one moment, it all came crashing down.




Yifan, along with his twelve friends, watched in horror as Chaeyoung was tied up and brought into the middle of the grounds.


He tried to fight back his tears, but he wasn’t capable of that much. He bawled, and screamed like his life depended on it.

But it did.


Chaeyoung became his life.


He wasn’t even capable of speech as he watched her weep, awaiting her fate.


“CHAEYOUNG, I LOVE YOU!” he screamed, fighting the binds that held him back.


It only made Chaeyoung cry more.

She curled up against the soft grass of the executioning grounds, unable to support her weight.


“CHAE- I’LL GET YOU BACK! I’M GONNA HELP YOU!” he shouted. He wasn’t thinking, because his mind was clogged with sorrow. Utter misery. It was hopeless.


Yifan looked on as an inferno blazed the ground, from all sides.


She was gone.




Although Yifan was their son, he had broken a great number of laws. Moreover, he had turned against his parents.


They couldn’t execute him and his friends for obvious reasons, but they could hand out a punishment similar to it.


All twelve of them were sent to Earth. They had their names changed, and their memories erased, to start a new life on Earth.







Before they came to Earth, Kris and Satsuko lived on planet EXO.

They lead completely different lives- heck, they weren’t even called Kris and Satsuko.

Kris’s real name was Yi Fan. And Satsuko’s real name was Chae Young.

Yifan was poised to marry Chaeyoung after secretly being in an affair with her for over two years.

The first time Yifan saw her was in summer, in the month of Bul. EXO had no atmosphere, so the temperatures blasted through during summer. If human beings even tried to set foot on the planet, they would get fried to a crisp.

Chaeyoung worked for Minseok, who ran an operation every summer to replenish ice in vulnerable places in the North. The North was where the fire of summer struck most, so Minseok used his powers to bring the temperatures down. The same was done for a few other places juxtaposed to The North.

Minseok was a close friend of Yifan, and often brought him down to the site.

Chaeyoung had no powers of her own, and so was forced to work as an accountant in Minseok’s operations.

People who were void of powers, be it elemental or shapeshifting, were labelled as the Most Backward Caste.

The caste system in EXO was put forth by the Emperor, the Dragon, centuries before. The same caste system had been exercised ever since- not one amendment. Needless to say, it was extremely severe and prejudiced.

Chaeyoung’s caste was at the recieving end of the monarchy’s every slip up. And besides that, they had very limited rights and practically lived in poverty.

There was a huge gap between the lower and higher caste.

Which made Chaeyoung despise each and every one of them

The middle caste was not much less privileged as the higher caste- both mingled freely, and both enjoyed the same rights.

The onlyl difference was that those in the higher caste were allowed to step into administrative affairs.

The higher caste comprised of the Time Turners, Teleporters, Psychics and the Dragons.

The Dragons were of the highest rank. They ruled the planet since it came into being and never gave up the throne.

And each time Yifan visited the Ice site, she had to resist the temptation to just stab him then and there.

Yifan was the Dragon prince.


A meeting changed her life.


She had been running errands for Minseok because he was short of employees, and she had no work to attend to.

She carefully lifted the last block of ice and barged outside of the cooler to bump into Yifan, accidentally letting go of the ice in shock. She watched as the ice hit his leg and immediately melted to a warm puddle at his feet. He did not use any of his powers- it melted simply by his touch.

Chaeyoung always felt brave and strong when she fantasized about over throwing the Dragons. She could feel the fire and the energy surge through her. There was nothing that could deter her in putting them in their place. Everything seemed to fit, and all she had to do was implement it.

But at that point, she was reduced to a frightened piece of dust. Yifan was huge- besides his size, his aura was immense and deeply concentrated. She could feel his strength and power as he looked up from the ground to her.

Chaeyoung could not force her mouth to open. Her legs were going cold, and her hands were turning numb. Her face was boiling, and her head throbbing. She couldn’t imagine what he was going to do to her.

The law stated that anyone of the lower caste, if in close proximity (1 metre)  of the higher caste, will be subjected to whipping.

Chaeyoung was not only in proximity of the prince of Dragons, but had also dropped a block of ice on him.

Minseok came running to them and quickly pushed Chaeyoung out of the way.

“Chaeyoung, what are you doing? Its against the law- I can’t believe you even dropped ice on him!” he said, frantically. He glanced at Yifan before sternly instructing her to bow to him.

Chaeyoung nervously began to bow, her arms shaking as they folded in front of her abdomen.

“A-ani, Minseok, what the heck. Sorry, you don’t need to,” he mumbled, nodding his head.


“Umm, you don’t need to bow. I’m sorry I made you drop the ice.”

Chaeyoung’s stomach lurched. She stared at him bewildered. Was he really the Dragon prince? No way!

Chaeyoung always imagined the people of the higher castes as condescending demons, with a permanent sneer plastered across their faces. Yifan was the complete opposite.


“Are you sure I don’t have to bow? I’m not even supposed to be near you,” she said. She didn’t know what made her say it. She was on the verge of running away- she could feel her legs shifting without her consent, yet, despite the fear and shock she was experiencing, she forced her mouth open and remarked back.

“Chaeyoung, shut up! What’re you doing?” said Minseok, confused. “Just go!”

Yifan chuckled.

“I know you’re supposed to bow- I’m not that dumb. But I don’t feel the need to force it onto people. At least, not in front of my parents,” he said, gently pushing Minseok out of the way so that he could look at her square in the eyes.

Chaeyoung was taken aback. Why was he being nice?

“Yifan, if I get in trouble for this-” started Minseok, evidently scared.

“Hyung, don’t worry. No one will even know,” Yifan assured, smiling. He turned back to Chaeyoung.

“What’s your name again?” he asked, rubbing his neck.

“Chaeyoung. Moon Chaeyoung,” she replied, outstretching her hand nervously.

A vortex of thoughts swarmed her mind. She still felt the urge to run away, but she aslo felt the need to stand up to him, to surprise him.

But how could she initiate hand shaking? That was too audacious!

Her heart stopped when Yifan shook her hand gently without batting an eye.

What was wrong with him? Maybe he didn’t know she was of a lower caste?

Before she could talk some more, however, Yifan turned to Minseok and lazily saluted him.

“I’ll get going then,” he said, before waving back at her. “See you later,” he said, flashing his gummy smile.

Chaeyoung resisted the temptation to run after him, and gingerly waved back at him instead.

“Looks like you’ve made a new friend,” Minseok remarked. “Hey, it’ll be cool if I showed you all of my friends, right! Yeah, I think I’ll do that,” he said, beginning to sketch out his plans.

Chaeyoung wasn’t listening to him at all. She had just survived a whole conversation with THE Dragon Prince.


After a few months, during the spring month of Biok, Chaeyoung had a reason to think of killing him again.

The Monarch had introduced a new law, exercising complete control over employment. Lower castes were not allowed to be employed in anything supplying directly to the public- which practically meant any job was out of bounds for the lower caste.

With a heavy heart, Minseok had to let Chaeyoung face unemployment.

If the lower caste were entitled to alternative jobs, or at least compensational rights, Chaeyoung would have been able to manage. Both her parents were dead for rioting against the Monarchy, so she had only her mouth to feed. It would seem difficult, but Chaeyoung was economical and fairly sneaky- she could weasle her way into something for extra bread after the existing balance ran out.

But with this law coming into effect, she had nothing but one month worth salary. Of that, half went to the Monarchy, and a quarter of the remainder went to the Higher Caste Union. That left her with a quarter of her salary, enough to keep her healthy for about a week or two. The lower caste was prohibited from selling their articles as well- their touch was apparently infertile.

Chaeyoung was worried for herself, but her heart went out to the others. The lower caste was poverty-stricken and lived in the most apalling conditions. She could manage for a few weeks because she only had to take care of herself. But other families had no sense of responsible family planning- almost every other household was shelter for at least eight people.

The lower caste had no rights, but to help their condition was the dearth of charities, due to the lack of social acceptance. All this hate was because they were born without powers, and ironically, if they started developing powers later, they were termed as slatterns, be it male or female. This was mainly because the phenomenon was likely to happen if the person had had intercourse with someone with powers. Itcould be before marriage or after, but either way, lower castes were not supposed to mingle with, let alone make love to the higher castes. It was beautiful- a start of something new and fresh, but the higher authorities slammed it.

Due to the implementation of the law, the lower caste staged a riot in front of the Emperor’s Palace.

Chaeyoung found herself subconciously looking for Yifan, a recurring face in her dreams.

The police force on planet EXO was called Doum Bosu, DM for short. It basically meant people who gave out help, but the DM was dependent on the Monarchy, and was under their complete control, which meant they could hand out any punishment under the law to the lower caste, accordingly.

Riot and rebellion were strictly prohibited, and those who weren’t killed in the protests were taken in for execution. But it was of no matter for the people, because without their right to employment back, they would die anyway.

Chaeyoung was distracted as she saw the fiery red uniform converge at the entrance. The DM had assembled and was getting ready to charge.

Shortly after, Chaeyoung’s ear rung, and vibrated violently, the sound of screaming resonating within her. She was trying hard to run away, but keep her stance at the same time.

Her head throbbed at the sight of her neighbours, practically family members, ripped apart, lying on the ground, blood spewn across the sleek, cemented roads.

Chaeyoung was stopped in her tracks when she felt a sharp pain course through her body. Her heart momentarily stopped, as she looked down to see her pants ablaze, searing through her skin.

Chaeyoung hurriedly put out the fire, before gingerly rolling up her pants, her hands shaking relentlessly. She could feel her breakfast come up when the wound was revealed.

“Chaeyoung, what are you doing?” she heard from the distance.

She snapped her head to the left to see a faint figure. Tall, fairly skinny.

She knew it was Yifan without even seeing his face, and she wasn’t sure how. She had only seen him once, but there was this weird connection between them.

Chaeyung didn’t dwell too much and frantically ran towards Kris, breathing heavily. The wound was acting up, but Yifan seemed to be the only person who she could be with for the time being. No one else knew Chaeyoung- the people she did know were either missing or dead.

“Chaeyoung, why are you here? We- we have to get out of here,” he said, motioning for her to follow him.

Chaeyoung whispered, ” I can’t. I’m hurt.”

Yifan quickly glanced at her sore legs, her skin scorched into a deep, maroon colour. He knew what burns looked like, and hers was very deep, and of high degree.

“I’ll help you.”


“I’m not sure on how to treat it, so I’m gonna get one of my friends to,” Yifan said, before walking out the door.

Chaeyoung was not in a good situation at all.

There were so many things she was confused about, and so many things she was shocked about. Thoughts flooded her mind as she sat clueless on a bed.

She gripped the fabric and rubbed her fingers. Silk, of course. Definitely silk. Nothing else would do. Why?

She was on Yifan’s bed. The very place that the Dragon Prince slept.

In fact, she was in his room. Which meant she was in the palace.

If that wasn’t alarming enough, Yifan had slung her on his back effortlessly to bring her there. He trudged through a compact area of woods before entering the palace through the back. He then quickly ascended to his room and placed her on his bed, making sure he was gentle.

Yifan had just gone out to get help for her burns, leaving her alone in the domain of the very people she hated most.

One thing reverberated in her mind, something that she could not ignore. It was huge, tightly holding onto her, making sure it was in her attention.

Why was he being nice to her?

She wasn’t supposed to be near him, yet he didn’t even let her bow. She wasn’t supposed to talk with him, but here she was, sitting on his bed. What was wrong with him? Was he posessed?

Yifan burst through the doors shortly after, bringing with him Yixing, a healer, and one of Yifan’s friends.

“It’s not gonna hurt,” he said, grinning. “Oh, and he’s a healer. So, you don’t have to worry- you’re safe in his hands,” he added, before Yixing bent down to heal her wounds.

Interestingly, Chaeyoung didn’t even care about Yixing and his healing. Naturally, she would nervously watch him as he worked his magic, making sure he didn’t kill her.

But something much more trivial occuppied her mind.

He kept saying ‘gonna’. She never heard him say ‘going to’.

Chaeyoung chuckled in her thoughts. Only babies said ‘gonna’ and Yifan was beginning to seem like a baby.

Yixing left both of them later, when he was sure her wound had healed.

“So, what were you doing there. And why was it all- bloody- everywhere,” Kris asked, trying to break the ice.

Chaeyoung looked up at him in disbelief. Did he really not know? What kind of a prince was he?

She hesistated for an instant. She didn’t want him to know she was against him. He seemed nice.


Chaeyoung mentally shook herself. She couldn’t believe she was softening for Yifan. For all she knew, he was trying to get her trouble.

“I was protesting. So were all the others. We basically, hate you,” she said, looking into his eyes.

She watched them as they changed from wide to small slits, obviously confused.

“Protesting for what?” he asked, making Chaeyoung question his position once again.

“You really don’t know?”

Yifan nodded, settling himslef on the bed, but keeping more than enough distance from her. He was interested.

Chaeyoung sighed as she began to explain the law, and the state of the lower caste. She explained how difficult it was to live. And she slightly hinted at her desire to kill his family. Only slightly though.

When she finished, Yifan felt a small fire burn in the pit of his stomach. He was in a dilemma. Before, he had no idea that the lower caste lived in such adverse conditions. He only had friends from the Higher and Middle Caste, and he rarely ever visited their areas.

Moreover, he was infuriated that the planet was ruled in such a tyrannical way. He was shocked to know the true side of his parents. They were dictators- power hungry, ignorant rulers, feeding off the Lower Caste. They thrived in their privileges, some of which Yifan could not believe. Even he wasn’t entitled to such a glorious life- he had his limits too. But the Monarchy, they lived freely. The only rules that were relevant to them were the ones they imposed on everyone else.

But Yifan found himslef contradicting his anguish now and then as she explained her condition. It was natural to think of one’s parents as God. Yifan didn’t want to accept reality and label them as the opposite.

“I’m really sorry about it. We really are-” he hesitated, thinking of the right word.

“-dickheads,” she finished, trying hard to hide her smile.

Yifan laughed. She had an attitude, and he liked it.

“But, seriously, how do you not know all this?” Chaeyoung asked, after a few seconds. “You’re the prince!”

Yifan shrugged. “I don’t really take interest in politics and stuff. I like travelling, and meeting new people. That’s why I’m outside a lot,” he said, looking out his window. “That’s also why I visit Minseok during work a lot. He goes to cool places, so…” he trailed off, nodding. “What about you? Do you like travelling?”

Chaeyoung shook her head. She had a few areas because of Minseok and her job. But other than that, she had never stepped out of her house. She had no idea what it was like in other places, outside of her area and a few adjoing places.

She didn’t have the capital to travel by herself, for one, and secondly, she didn’t have any interest in travelling. Sure, new people were nice, but she had more work where she was.

“Do you want me to take you?” he asked. She could see his eyes brighten, like a lightbulb. It was evident he liked moving around.

“How? It’s dangerous down there, and I’m not even supposed to be with you,” she said, shaking her head, speaking quickly. She was flustered and she knew because she coud feel herself blushing, but she knew it wasn’t safe.

Kris stood and gently took her hand in his. He pulled her towards the balcony and watched her as she stood bewildered.

Yifan slowly changed his form. A deep red coloured wing sprouted from either shoulder blade. Black scales covered his body, his clothes disappearing behind them. His fingers slowly morphed into dry, hay-colored claws. His face elongated, showcasing a rich crimson color, and a long, muscly tail from his back slid in front of him, bending at the end.

Chaeyoung’s heart dropped. She had never seen him in dragon form, and he looked menacing, intimidating.

Yifan hoisted her onto his back using his humongous tail, and readied himself for flight. He chuckled at her silence.

“You’re blushing, and I’m taking that as your consent for this. TAKE OFF!” he shouted, as loud as he could, before bounding into the open sky.

Yifan flapped his gigantic wings, ascending above the clouds, with Chaeyoung on his back, evidently in total disbelief.


He flicked his tail on her head, slapping her out of bewilderment.

“Are you taking in the sights?” he asked, motioning to the landscape in front of them.

“Yifan, stop it!” she said, ignoring his questions. Yifan, its scary!”

Yifan suppressed his laughter, and said, “Nothing’s going to happen! You believe me right?”


For once, Yifan questioned his words. That was too- romantic, wasn’t it? He mentally slapped himself, trying to correct his words.

You believe me right?

It resonated in both of their minds for a while.

Chaeyoung was taken aback. She literally swerved backwards when she heard him say it.

Chaeyoung found it hard to negotiate with the two sides of her mind.

You can’t believe anything he says. And anyways, doesn’t it seem too over the top to say that? You just met him.”

“What’s in a sentence? There’s nothing ‘over the top’ in asking for your trust. He’s just taken responsibility for you. I mean, he flying you on his back!”

Chaeyoung dwelled on her second side’s opinion. They were right- he had to make sure of her trust.

And anyways, it wasn’t like they weren’t friends, right? They shared a lot of their lives over the bed. And he even saved her during the protests.

Chaeyoung took a deep breath, and to Yifan’s amazement, she silently whispered, “Yes, I do believe you.”

But she couldn’t help but question if it really was the sense of friendship that compelled her to say that.

She couldn’t help but think it was something else.


After their dragon ride, Yifan settled onto the roof of the palace and turned back into his human form.

They held hands, much to the surprise of each other, and stared into the horizon for a few minutes.

Yifan was the first to speak.

“Chaeyoung, I know I just met you, but I feel really close to you. Let’s be best friends forever, OK?” he said carefully, his stomach lurching. He tried to finish it fast- make it short, try and act like it was nothing. He didn’t dare turn to look at her.

“Nae, let’s be friends forever,” she replied, against the small voice in the pit of her stomach.

It was telling her not to- he was still the dragon prince, and was a good-for-nothing liar.

But she quickly swatted it away. She liked not having to worry about Yifan every minute she was with him. She trusted him.

She believed in him.


“Satsuko, what’s happening?” Kris screamed, trying to hold on to her.

He was slowly disintegrating. He watched in horror as his hands turned into wisps of air, losing their grasp on Satsuko’s warm hands.

“What the fuck, Satsuko! Help me!” he said desperately, looking frantically for somewhere to latch on to.

Tears rolled down Satsuko’s cheeks as she to run through her mind for some way to stop it. Kris was the sole reason she came to Earth.

She never realized this would happen. But she was too late.

“Kris, it’s OK!” she whispered, throwing her hands on any part of Kris that wasn’t fading away.

His breathing became ragged as his abdomen slowly vanished.

He didn’t even get to finish saying her name.

Satsuko looked on helplessly as her fiance turned to air before her. He was gone.

Satsuko tried desperately to stop crying. She could never think when she cried.

Despite her mind being stuck in a hazy, clueless state, she racked her brain for something to help. Everything coincided with before- so how could she go back?

A bright light dispelled the fog in her mind as she found the answer.

Satsuko had to die to go to Earth. So she had to die to go back.

She gingerly stood up  and walked towards the hundreds of candles on display. Each one was carefully placed by each of Kris’s friends to commemorate their marriage.

She looked up to the painting of Jesus, before grasping one of the candlesticks. She caressed the bottom to find out whose candle it was.

Chanyeol, she smiled. Perfect.


She gently closed her eyes and lifted the candle to her shoulder level before throwing it onto the thick fabric that draped the walls.

She felt it catch fire as she tipped each and every candle into the inferno. Each and every one, except for the tallest, standing in the middle.

This one was special. It was the one she and Kris had made, exclusively for the wedding.

She stared at the intricate designs carved into the wax.

A sun on the right, and smal maple leaves to the left. Below, a beautiful flower, blooming with grace, and above, a small angel, complete with a halo.

She looked into the making herself. It was probably her biggest treasure at that point of time. Kris, and the candle.

Their candle was left standing upright.

Satsuko tried to smile as she removed the fabric with her bare arms. but all that came down was tears. Slowly, she wrapped the cloth around her, taking in the roaring fire. But it made her happy. She loved flames, becuase it meant she was close to Kris.

The last thing she saw was their candle.


Time And Tide


I know what happens. And I’m here to change that.



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It nagged her so much.

Minju turned over at the break of dawn to find Jiyong peacefully resting next to her. His eyes were gently shut, and his chest matched a rhythmic beat as he breathed.

But his mouth was what nagged her.

It formed a small pout, as if asking for her to kiss him. The temptation was killing Minju- she was just inches away from his face, and she could feel his breath as he exhaled. But she knew she had to resist.

For some reason, Jiyong refrained from kissing Minju. It was like a taboo. For the 2 years they dated each other, he had never once approached her lips, ever. He had full access to her body, and freely touched her wherever he wanted, but her lips were left fallow.

It was confounding; Minju was surprised one night when he entered their flat and hoisted her up. He proceeded to their bedroom and threw her onto their bed. His eyes were evidently heavy, making Minju even more confused. Before she could turn over to face the cieling, he laid down next to her and grasped her wrsit with one hand and ran his other hand up her shirt. Minju’s heart pounded- maybe he was waiting for this day?

However, she was left trolled when he inched closer to her, and opened his mouth only to say, “Goodnight.”


Both Jiyong and Minju were kpop artisits, and therefore were often called togehter on variety shows. It pained her to not be able to describe his kiss to those who asked on TV. It was also excrutiating when they brought out Pepero sticks for the both of them, because she knew what he would do.

Jiyong always lost in the Pepero game. She knew he did it purposely. Each time, he went a bit closer than the previous, but he never failed to cut it off and pronounce defeat. He never took notice of bewildered face as he pulled away.

One day, Jiyong took Minju out for to eat. He ordered ramen and a cup of coffee, while Minju just bought bubble tea.

It was enticing to watch him eat. Jiyong was the only person she new who drank coffee as he ate ramen. His lips were constantly stained, and Minju tried to bar herself from lunging over the table and removing the coffee and ramen from his mouth herself. He kept licking them, making sure he removed them himself, but that only aroused her more.

Jiyong also had the habit of slurping. He knew it was not a good habit, so he tried to control it, but now and then, he couldn’t help it. Minju often reminded him that he was slurping in public, in hopes of him refraining from doing it. She didn’t care about what the public thought of him, though. She needed to feel his lips, and constantly making it obvious to her was not helping.

She remembered in Big Bang’s Secret Garden parody, TOP complained about women lying about them not knowing about the foam above their mouths when they drink something. She could relate to it. She wasn’t sure if Jiyong did it deliberately, but the thick coat of coffee flavoured foam on his lips semed to be jeering at Minju. She winced when Jiyong finally found out and wiped it off.

Another time, he took her out for ice cream. Jiyong made a show with his mouth as he gently pulled small amounts of the cold ice cream off his tiny spoon. When he was finished with one spoonful, he made sure he licked the surface before sticking it back in his bowl. Again, Minju felt like she was being mocked. She imagined Jiyong doing the same to her lips- only imagined.

With each spoon, his lips turned redder and redder, seeting Minju in rising temperatures. They looked like they were waiting for her lips. They were wet and shiny, gleaming in the light.


On Christmas, Minju and Jiyong were scheduled to meet on Strong Heart. She knew it was her opportunity to vent her feelings.

She gingerly narrated her dilemma, avoiding Jiyong’s gaze, which she knew was searing through her. She was to scared to look up; she was scared that he may be angry. The others on the show lightened the atmosphere, but Minju was being weighed down by a huge, dark cloud. She knew it was something petty, but it troubled her a lot.

When she finally finished her rant, she looked up to the MC.

He said, “You say that your relationship is very open, but he doesn’t kiss you, right? Then why don’t you just ask him why?”

Minju gulped and slowly glanced at her boyfriend. A wave of relief flooded her when she saw him smiling heartily. But nevertheless, she blushed as she whispered, “Oppa, why don’t you ever kiss me?”

Jiyong laughed as Minju looked on, confused.

He threw his arm around her and stood up, making her get up as well, and hovered clsoer to her, before turning his head to the MC and asking, “This is OK, right?”

He then crashed into her lips, and after a few minutes, replied, shaking with laughter, “No comment.”


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No Comment


With Jiyong’s strong and manly image, most people imagined him to be into mature stuff, let alone kissing.

Only Minju knew the truth.



Hello! You’re happy I’m updating a lot, right?

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This story is probably going to be really short, but I’ve gotaa let out my feels, right?

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I Learnt it From Tao and Chen (4)

“Aigoo, I’m so excited!” Chanyeol squealed, dragging Yeongri along with him and pulling her through the security at the entrance. He was taking Yeongri with him to the SM Entertainment complex, for something like a day off, at work.

“I am too, baby,” she replied, happily complying with his excessive tugs.

Chanyeol assured her he wasn’t going to work too much. As much as she enjoyed watching him sing and dance, she didn’t like seeing him overworking himself. And Chanyeol was bound to do that to impress her. Moreover, she had gone over with him as a sort of date, so she naturally wanted more of him, and not his work.

“Annyeong!” they greeted, as theystepped into the building. Yeongri expected it to be quite empty and serene, but it was swarming with people. Aside from the kpop idols, there were a lot of others, especially trainees. And there wasn’t one person who didn’t stop by and greet Chanyeol.

“OK, so I have to work, but I promise we’ll have fun as well,” he mumbled, going through the elevator.

“Chanyeol, is that your little sister? She’s so cute!” asked BoA, as she walked in next to us.

Chanyeol widened his eyes beofre glancing at Yeongri, who was uncomfortably trying to hide behind him.

“What’s your name? He never told me about you! Is he a good oppa?” she continued asking, oblivious of the awkwardness.

Chanyeol put his large hand over Yeongri’s back and brought her forward. “Ne, she’s my dongsaengi!” he chirped, a smirk tugging at his lips. “Her name’s Yeongri. She’s a bit shy.”

Yeongri stared at Chanyeol, confused and outraged. She opened her mouth to speak, but the elevator stopped, making them part ways with BoA.

“Yah! How can I be your dongsaeng! You little…”she trailed off after hitting Chanyeol as they walked into the studio.

“You little? What? Are you going to swear?”he replied, hugging her. He pushed his face into the crook of her neck and said,” I’m just playing. Sorry.”

“Well, you better tell her that I’m your girlfriend the next time you see her,” she said, placing herself down on the floor.

After a few minutes, the rest of the EXO members filed into the studio.

“Yah, Chanyeol! You never told us you had a younger sister!” said Chen, without looking at Yeongri.

Chanyeol chuckled and pointed at Yeongri.

“Incest?” he replied, to which everyone laughed.

“Aah oppa! I’m his girlfriend. Channie was a meanie and told BoA unnie that I was his sister,” she said, pouting.

“Chanyeol’s like that,” they replied.

They were set to record a new song after a few minutes.

Chen eyed Yeongri as Chanyeol and himselfwalked in and turned on the mic.

Chen proceeded to sing the opening music of ‘Sweet Transvestite’, before Chanyeol sang:

” Don’t get strung out

By the way I act

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I’m not much of a man by the light of the day

But by night I’m one hell of a lover

I am your sweet loving oppa

From Hongdae, South Korea

I am your sweet loving oppa

I’m just making fun, don’t get mad ”

Yeongri clapped as Chanyeol happily pranced around the studio.

“Are you mad now?” he asked, holding her hand.

“I’ll think about it,” she replied, smiling.

They then proceeded to record the sing. Yeongri was immensely proud of he boyfriend- he was so talented. His voice shone out as they all sang together.

“Did you like it?” he asked, once they finished.

“Yeah! Why don’t sing in all the songs?” she asked. “You sound so good.”

Chanyeol shrugged and accepted her small kiss on his cheek. He then pulled her up and shouted to the rest of the members. “I’m going to the gym!”

“The gym? Yah, that’s no fun!” Yeongri whispered raspily as Chanyeol pulled towards the next room.

“I promise, it will be,” he replied, with a small snicker.

Chanyeol always snickered when he had a surprise, or an idea. They type of idea he knew was too ingenius- one that he could not let go of. AndChanyeol was normally very perssitent, so snickering meant Yeongri was in for something.

“First let’s do push ups,” he said, locking the door behind him.

“Channie, why did you lock the door?”

“So that I don’t get interrupted,” he said, pushing her down flat on her back.

He slammed his palms on either side of her. Carefully, he lowered himself down, just enough to lightly touch her lips.

Yeongri giggled as she watched him continue to exercise on top of her, his face contented but concentrating hard.

Until he started to move down.

He watched her gasp as he quickly moved onto her collarbone and descended, before he abruptly stopped just before her chest. He could feel her heart thumping crazy, and reveled in the conspicuous pain she was in as he stood up. She obviously wanted more. Yeongri was like that. She never wanted it- but if Chanyeol coaxed her into it, she would never let go.

Chanyeol ran his hands thorugh his wet hair.

“How did you even get that sweaty? You didn’t do anything,” she asked, pouting.

“Really, Yeongri? I didn’t do anything? ” he asked, swooping in next to her. “Then why are you so wet?”

Yeongri blushed. “You make everything sound perverted.”

“I mean it in a perverted way. I know you’re wet. And that’s pathetic, because I haven’t even started.”

Yeongri was slightly surprised. Chanyeol called her pathetic? He sure changes once it gets hot. She was about to comment back when she looked up to see him slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

“Wh- what are you doing? Chanyeol, this is your workplace, not our house!”

“Yeongri, I’m just taking it off because I’m so sweaty,” he saidgetting back to her.

“Oh, OK.”

Chanyeol whisperd into her ear, “I know you only like it when you get me sweaty.”

Yeongri mind was hazy. “Yah, shut up!” she shouted, hitting him hard.

“Ow, Yeongri! I was just kidding. I’m not that needy!” he replied laughing. “I still have to finish exercising anyways.”

“Whatever,” she said, after a few minutes, waving it off. “What are you going to do now?”

“Sit ups. Mind helping me?” he said, lying down on his back this time.

“OK,” she replied, gravitating towards him. She knew he was going to do something or the other to make it fun for himself, but she wanted to get over it fast.

And of course, he did. As Yeongri knelt over, holding his feet in place, he forcefully crashed into her lips. They repeated the exercise a few times before Chanyeol called it a day. He pulled her down with him as he lay on his back.

“You want to go to the coffee shop?” he asked, smiling as she rested her head on his.

“This was the most distorted date ever,” she replied, looking up. “But OK.”

“Who taught you this?” she said, as he helped her up.

“Chen told me to sing that song earlier when you were mad. And Tao taught me the push ups-sit ups technique. You’re turned on, right? I know you are,” he said, a smirk tugging on his lips.

And Yeongri smiled as she crossed her hand with Chanyeol’s, because she already knew that.


So, an update after all these months! I hope you like it- but as Yeongri said, it became so distorted. I had planned a basketball scene, and this weirdo thing that I thought of when they heatedly take each other’s shoes off under a table, but nothing really fit in. Enjoy! There will be another 2 chapters for the story to be complete.