I Learnt it From Tao and Chen (4)

“Aigoo, I’m so excited!” Chanyeol squealed, dragging Yeongri along with him and pulling her through the security at the entrance. He was taking Yeongri with him to the SM Entertainment complex, for something like a day off, at work.

“I am too, baby,” she replied, happily complying with his excessive tugs.

Chanyeol assured her he wasn’t going to work too much. As much as she enjoyed watching him sing and dance, she didn’t like seeing him overworking himself. And Chanyeol was bound to do that to impress her. Moreover, she had gone over with him as a sort of date, so she naturally wanted more of him, and not his work.

“Annyeong!” they greeted, as theystepped into the building. Yeongri expected it to be quite empty and serene, but it was swarming with people. Aside from the kpop idols, there were a lot of others, especially trainees. And there wasn’t one person who didn’t stop by and greet Chanyeol.

“OK, so I have to work, but I promise we’ll have fun as well,” he mumbled, going through the elevator.

“Chanyeol, is that your little sister? She’s so cute!” asked BoA, as she walked in next to us.

Chanyeol widened his eyes beofre glancing at Yeongri, who was uncomfortably trying to hide behind him.

“What’s your name? He never told me about you! Is he a good oppa?” she continued asking, oblivious of the awkwardness.

Chanyeol put his large hand over Yeongri’s back and brought her forward. “Ne, she’s my dongsaengi!” he chirped, a smirk tugging at his lips. “Her name’s Yeongri. She’s a bit shy.”

Yeongri stared at Chanyeol, confused and outraged. She opened her mouth to speak, but the elevator stopped, making them part ways with BoA.

“Yah! How can I be your dongsaeng! You little…”she trailed off after hitting Chanyeol as they walked into the studio.

“You little? What? Are you going to swear?”he replied, hugging her. He pushed his face into the crook of her neck and said,” I’m just playing. Sorry.”

“Well, you better tell her that I’m your girlfriend the next time you see her,” she said, placing herself down on the floor.

After a few minutes, the rest of the EXO members filed into the studio.

“Yah, Chanyeol! You never told us you had a younger sister!” said Chen, without looking at Yeongri.

Chanyeol chuckled and pointed at Yeongri.

“Incest?” he replied, to which everyone laughed.

“Aah oppa! I’m his girlfriend. Channie was a meanie and told BoA unnie that I was his sister,” she said, pouting.

“Chanyeol’s like that,” they replied.

They were set to record a new song after a few minutes.

Chen eyed Yeongri as Chanyeol and himselfwalked in and turned on the mic.

Chen proceeded to sing the opening music of ‘Sweet Transvestite’, before Chanyeol sang:

” Don’t get strung out

By the way I act

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I’m not much of a man by the light of the day

But by night I’m one hell of a lover

I am your sweet loving oppa

From Hongdae, South Korea

I am your sweet loving oppa

I’m just making fun, don’t get mad ”

Yeongri clapped as Chanyeol happily pranced around the studio.

“Are you mad now?” he asked, holding her hand.

“I’ll think about it,” she replied, smiling.

They then proceeded to record the sing. Yeongri was immensely proud of he boyfriend- he was so talented. His voice shone out as they all sang together.

“Did you like it?” he asked, once they finished.

“Yeah! Why don’t sing in all the songs?” she asked. “You sound so good.”

Chanyeol shrugged and accepted her small kiss on his cheek. He then pulled her up and shouted to the rest of the members. “I’m going to the gym!”

“The gym? Yah, that’s no fun!” Yeongri whispered raspily as Chanyeol pulled towards the next room.

“I promise, it will be,” he replied, with a small snicker.

Chanyeol always snickered when he had a surprise, or an idea. They type of idea he knew was too ingenius- one that he could not let go of. AndChanyeol was normally very perssitent, so snickering meant Yeongri was in for something.

“First let’s do push ups,” he said, locking the door behind him.

“Channie, why did you lock the door?”

“So that I don’t get interrupted,” he said, pushing her down flat on her back.

He slammed his palms on either side of her. Carefully, he lowered himself down, just enough to lightly touch her lips.

Yeongri giggled as she watched him continue to exercise on top of her, his face contented but concentrating hard.

Until he started to move down.

He watched her gasp as he quickly moved onto her collarbone and descended, before he abruptly stopped just before her chest. He could feel her heart thumping crazy, and reveled in the conspicuous pain she was in as he stood up. She obviously wanted more. Yeongri was like that. She never wanted it- but if Chanyeol coaxed her into it, she would never let go.

Chanyeol ran his hands thorugh his wet hair.

“How did you even get that sweaty? You didn’t do anything,” she asked, pouting.

“Really, Yeongri? I didn’t do anything? ” he asked, swooping in next to her. “Then why are you so wet?”

Yeongri blushed. “You make everything sound perverted.”

“I mean it in a perverted way. I know you’re wet. And that’s pathetic, because I haven’t even started.”

Yeongri was slightly surprised. Chanyeol called her pathetic? He sure changes once it gets hot. She was about to comment back when she looked up to see him slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

“Wh- what are you doing? Chanyeol, this is your workplace, not our house!”

“Yeongri, I’m just taking it off because I’m so sweaty,” he saidgetting back to her.

“Oh, OK.”

Chanyeol whisperd into her ear, “I know you only like it when you get me sweaty.”

Yeongri mind was hazy. “Yah, shut up!” she shouted, hitting him hard.

“Ow, Yeongri! I was just kidding. I’m not that needy!” he replied laughing. “I still have to finish exercising anyways.”

“Whatever,” she said, after a few minutes, waving it off. “What are you going to do now?”

“Sit ups. Mind helping me?” he said, lying down on his back this time.

“OK,” she replied, gravitating towards him. She knew he was going to do something or the other to make it fun for himself, but she wanted to get over it fast.

And of course, he did. As Yeongri knelt over, holding his feet in place, he forcefully crashed into her lips. They repeated the exercise a few times before Chanyeol called it a day. He pulled her down with him as he lay on his back.

“You want to go to the coffee shop?” he asked, smiling as she rested her head on his.

“This was the most distorted date ever,” she replied, looking up. “But OK.”

“Who taught you this?” she said, as he helped her up.

“Chen told me to sing that song earlier when you were mad. And Tao taught me the push ups-sit ups technique. You’re turned on, right? I know you are,” he said, a smirk tugging on his lips.

And Yeongri smiled as she crossed her hand with Chanyeol’s, because she already knew that.


So, an update after all these months! I hope you like it- but as Yeongri said, it became so distorted. I had planned a basketball scene, and this weirdo thing that I thought of when they heatedly take each other’s shoes off under a table, but nothing really fit in. Enjoy! There will be another 2 chapters for the story to be complete.


I Learnt it From Baekhyun and Suho (3)

Chanyeol story after so many days!! Yay!!

“Can I take you out today?” asked Chanyeol, nuzzling Yeong Ri.  He had stayed at her apartment for two days until her cold had cured, and wanted to get out of her house.

“Depends on where you’re taking me,” she replied, pointing to an ice cream shop flyer they had gotten that morning. She wiggled her eyebrows, dropping her hint.

“I’ll take you there,” he said, lifting her and carrying her to her bedroom. “But I want to buy you clothes as well.”

“Wae? Don’t I have good clothes?” She asked, as Chanyeol took out some decent clothes for her to wear outside.

“You do, baby. But you need to have some that I bought you,” he replied, trying to lift her shirt off.

“Yah! Get off!” she said, flicking his hands off. “I can get dressed myself. And I’m not getting sick again just because you are a sexy times addict!”

She pushed him outside and made sure the door was locked before putting her clothes on.

“OK. So where are we going first?” she said, once she was finished. Chanyeol was ready, twirling his car keys around his fore finger, having cleaned the hall while Yeongri  was changing.

“The clothes shop. Then I’ll get you some ice cream,” he said, and pulled her out.

Yeongri  knew Chanyeol too much to protest about going to the clothes shop first. As much as he liked food, shopping, especially for others was his thing. He could never be deterred from it.

Chanyeol opened the car door and helped his girlfriend in before he got into his own seat.

“I’m so excited! I’m going to get you the best clothes ever!”


“Baby, you’re like a girl. Give me them one at a time,” Yeongri said, shoving the pile of clothes back into Chanyeol’s hands. She picked the ones she particularly liked and went in to try them. “You can’t open your mouth,” she added, aware of Chanyeol’s impatient whining that he’ll ‘come in if you don’t come out fast’.

After a few minutes, she came out.

“How is it?” she said, motioning him to come next to the door (OK, that sounds weird).

Chanyeol put up an ‘OK’ sign and smiled happily.

“That’s it?”

Chanyeol, flustered, pulled out his phone and quickly typed out a message.



Yeongri knew she could tell him to talk. She didn’t expect him to be that much of a baby, and decided that she could play around with him.

“I don’t know. I’m leaving if you don’t tell me how I look,” she replied, starting back towards the trial room.

She could hear Chanyeol manically typing something out, but proceeded towards the room anyways. She stopped when she heard him play Wonderful (BB for the win!!).

She could understand what he was trying to put down.

“OK. I’ll try the next one on,” she said, locking the door after flashing a smile at him.

For a few seconds, she stood inside just- smiling. These simple actions just left her lost. Only Chanyeol could do this to her. She was genuinely happy.

She slipped on the dress she had pulled out from the pile. She never noticed its length when Chanyeol gave it to her, but now that she was wearing it, she found it too short for her liking. Of course, Chanyeol would pick something like that out. While he was a baby and just cute at heart, he was very cocky since his demanding profession made him miss and therefore crave Yeongri more than ever.

Nevertheless, she walked out to Chanyeol’s wealthy smile, ready with a song. Winking, he played Boom, which his Super Junior sunbaenims had shared with him.

This is how it went for a good amount of time, each time Chanyeol conveying his thoughts with a song.

Finally, Chanyeol typed out on his phone:


“Yay!” Yeong ri exclaimed, and quickly went in to put on her own clothes.

After coming out, she noticed that Chanyeol had neatly put all the clothes she had tried out back into the basket.

“Are you going to buy all of them?” she asked, eyeing the basket. “You can talk,” she added, tired of him reaching out for his phone all the time.

“All but this one,” he answered, pulling the short dress she felt uncomfortable wearing. “I know you don’t like it.”

All Yeongri had to do was smile sheepishly and thank him before clinging onto his sleeve. They were both happy with that.

But another concern arose in Yeongri’s mind.

“Yah, you can’t pay for all of that! I’m not here to make you bankrupt!” she said, but was too late as Chanyeol swiped his card, silencing his girlfriend. “Yah, Channie, you have to let me pay for the ice cream, at least,” she said, as they walked out of the shop towards the ice cream shop. “OK,” he said, happily, happy with himself that he got his girlfriend clothes.


“Its yucky, baby,” he said, shoving aside his ice cream. Yeongri had bought chocolate ice cream, as usual, while Chanyeol opted to go different and bought olive flavoured ice cream.

“Let me have yours,” he whined, slumping onto the table.

“No way! I payed, and I will eat!”

“Baby, pretty please?” he asked, looking up at her with his humongous eyes. They shone into the light that was directly above them. It didn’t help that Yeongri could never resist Chanyeol’s sparkly aegyo.

Taking a spoon of ice cream, she slowly advanced towards his mouth to feed him, but playfully shoved it into her mouth. Or that’s what she planned to do. Chanyeol was aware of her playfulness, and so lunged across the table and encased her mouth with his, forcing the spoon and his lips to her mouth. Swiftly, he licked the ice cream off the spoon and the walls of her mouth before settling down in his chair, winking at Yeongri, who felt, pretty much, scarred for life.

“That was the most disgusting thing ever, Chanyeol!” she said, her eyes watering from the force with which he kissed her.

“Don’t cry for that, baby,” he said, chuckling, and once again stretching over the table to wipe the tears away.

“How about a better one?” he asked, and held her chin, giving her a much more affectionate kiss, as Yeongri laughed.

“Do not ever do that again,” she said, between kisses, and went on. “Who taught you all this?” “Suho told me to spend all my money on you, and Baekhyun told me that his mom likes it when he plays songs to her instead of talking. He also told me that he did that ice cream thing when he was on a date by accident. He got dumped, though. You’re not gonna dump me, right? I’m not nasty like Baekhyun,” he replied, chattering non stop. Yeongri smiled as she nodded, holding Chanyeol’s warm hands, because she already knew that.

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I Learnt it From Kris and Xiumin (2)

“Yeollie,” Yeongri said, sniffling. “Can you sit here with me?”

Chanyeol had keyed in the code to Yeongri’s apartment and came into to find Yeongri sitting on the sofa with a mound of blankets covering her. As worried as he was, he just slumped onto the rug and lay with his eyes closed.

“Wae? Uro?” Chanyeol asked hurriedly as he shot up and walked up to her.

Yeongri rubbed her eyes and replied groggily,” Ani. I’m sick,” and then pouted.

“What? Why are you sick? Do you have a cold?” Chanyeol asked grabbing her arm and sitting on the sofa. “Oh my God, Yeongie, you’re so hot! Why didn’t you call for me before? How in the world did you even get sick?”

Yeongri opened her eyes slowly and turned towards Chanyeol.

“You made me sick.”

“When?” Chanyeol said, quietly, rubbing his back.

“Yesterday. You didn’t let me out of the water. That why I told you not to! But you were just so obsessed with your sexy times! Damn sexy times!” she said, rubbing her face with her hands, rather violently.

“Yeong Ri, you’re acting like a pregnant lady. Why are you getting so mad?” Chanyeol asked, confusedly looking at his angry girlfriend.

“You might as well have made me!” she said and looked into Chanyeol’s eyes, followed by an awkward silence.

Yeong Ri flailed to the side and lay with a sullen face.

“I’m just sick Chanyeollie,” she whined as she fumbled with the blankets so that she was covered as she rested on his lap. “And it’s all because of you.”

With that, she turned to the other side of Chanyeol in an act of defiance.

“Oh, you’re sick, that’s right,” he said, not minding Yeong Ri ignoring him.

He easily lifted her up and placed her on the the dining table.

He made sure the blankets covered her completely and asked if she was comfortable to which she gave him a poker face.

Chanyeol shook the thermometer out of a small bag he found in the medicine cabinet and went back to the hall to check her temperature.

“Aah,” he said, to which Yeongri soullessly opened her mouth. Before Chanyeol could read the temperature, she shook the thermometer off.

“It hurts,” she whined, nodding her head.

“You never let me do it under your hands. What else can I do?” Chanyeol asked, washing off the thermometer.

Yeongri lifted her hand like she was being controlled by a puppet master, without replying to Chanyeol.

But like before, Yeongri pulled away before Chanyeol could read the temperature.

“It’s ticklish, Yeollie,” she said, giggling.

Chanyeol couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She was too cute. He set the thermometer on the table and tickled her lightly again, until they engaged in fight, where Yeong ri could feel her head spinning.

“Chanyeol, stop, stop,” she said, closing her eyes. The fever was just making it worse.

“I feel dizzy,”she said as Chanyeol pulled away from her.

She sighed into Chanyeol’s chest when she could feel herself getting back to normal.

“That hurt a lot,” she said to his shirt, as her boyfriend stood bewildered in her hug.

Coming back to his senses, he tilted her head to face him.

“You’re not going to let me use the thermometer, are you?” he asked, to which she cutely nodded.

“OK, let’s get you some rest,” he said, sighing, and lifting her up into his hands.

He easily walked to her room and gently placed her on the bed, wrapping yet another blanket on her.

“I’ll get you something to eat,” he said, after kissing her forehead lightly.

She rested her head on the headboard the bed as she waited for him to come back with food.

“Don’t put pepper into your eyes again, baby,” she warned him as he left the room.

Chanyeol laughed and replied with, “ne.”

Chanyeol naturally made chicken juk (eat your kimchi anyone?), and carefully took it to Yeong Ri’s room while it was still piping hot.

“I made juk, Yeong ri ah,” he said happily, impressed with his cooking.

He laid the bowl on his lap and started to feed Yeong Ri.

“Yah, put it on the desk!” she reprimanded, coming out of her blankets as she ate the juk.

“Ani, it’s not hot,” he said, waving her suggestion off. “Is it good? Uro?” he asked, looking up to see her crying again.

“Yeah, it’s really good,” she said, smiling at him. “No, it’s like, part of being sick, Channie,” she added, addressing his second question.

Once she finished the food, Chanyeol made, he lay next her on the bed and pulled her in for a hug.

“I’m sorry I got you sick,” he said, and kissed her before she could reply.

“You’re going to get sick,” she once she pulled away, distancing herself from him.

“Andwe,” he whined, pulling her closer than before. “I don’t care. We can be a sick couple! The new couple culture trend,” he said imaginatively, pecking her cheeks.

Yeong Ri did nothing but yawn, satisfied with Chanyeol’s creativity.

“I’ll sing for you,” he said, noticing her droopy eyes.

He then proceeded to sing every part he had in all the songs they had released till then, followed by a few requests from Yeong Ri.

Before she fell asleep, she asked Chanyeol, ” Who taught you all this?”

“I learnt from Kris hyung to take care of you when you were sick, and Xiumin hyung to sing for you when you wanted to sleep. And to make juk, ” he said matter-of-factually.

She smiled as she closed her eyes and cuddled closer to him, because she already knew that.



I learnt it from Kai and Kyungsoo (1)

poster (wtyt)Chapter 1

Yeong Ri woke up next to her boyfriend’s bare chest. She smiled gently and snuggled closer, wrapping her arm on his waist.

She gently closed her eyes when Chanyeol emitted a loud grunt.

“Five more minutes, Baekhyun,” he said. “I slept with Yeong Ri yesterday. I’m tired…”

Yeong Ri chuckled. “Yah! I’m still here!” she said, hitting him.

Chanyeol shot up.

“Oh, yeah. Today is my no work day,” he said, showing off his sparkling teeth. His smile was mesmerizing. “How do you want to start?”

“By brushing!” Yeongri replied, and got up, pulling him with her. “Yah, you have to lose weight. I can’t pull you,” she cheekily said, to which Chanyeol pouted. “Do you really think I’m fat?”

She turned back as they entered the bathroom, and laughed.

“You’re so gullible baby! Of course not,” she said, planting a warm kiss on his lips. Again, Chanyeol smiled.

As she reached for their toothbrushes, Chanyeol gripped her arm.

“I don’t want to brush,” he said, turning her chin seductively. He looked into her eyes and said, “Let’s start off from last night, shall we?”

“Channie, if you continued anymore I wouldn’t have been able to walk today. Give me some rest! We have to get cleaned up at least!” she said, and drew her hand out of his grip. She swiped toothpaste on both of their brushes and handed him his.

“Fine,” Chanyeol said, reluctantly stuffing the toothbrush in his mouth. “But afterwards, you have to promise me some sexy times.”

“Whatever,” Yeongri replied, brushing away his pleas. She would deal with him later.

After brushing, Yeongri put her brush down and waited for Chanyeol to finish.

“You’re waiting because you’re mesmerized by my looks, right?” Chanyeol said triumphantly, looking at himself in the mirror.

“Ani,” she laughed. “I’m going to take a bath first.”

And Chanyeol smiled.


Yeong ri stepped into the shower cubicle. She only took long baths in the tub when Chanyeol wasn’t around, to ease off stress and relax in solitude.

As she turned the water on, she heard the bathroom door open. A knot formed in her stomach.

Without closing the water, she closely listened to what was happening outside. She relaxed when she didn’t hear anything.

But after a few seconds she heard a loud and deep chuckle, which caught her off guard. Without any hesitation she screamed, “CHANYEOL!”

She closed the water and scooted to the corner of the cubicle. What came next surprised her.

“Jagi, what happened?” A shirtless Chanyeol worriedly asked, stumbling into cubicle and darting his eyes in search for her.

Yeongri stood in silence for a few moments. She was confused.

“Yah, Yeongri, why did you shout?” Chanyeol asked, now in her closest proximity, drawing her attention back to him.

Yeongri looked down. “I heard someone come in so I got scared,” she said, tracing her hands across his chest.

Chanyeol laughed, “It was me.”

“Were you going to take a bath?”

“No, a shower.”

“But I was taking a shower.”

“So?” he replied. “Can’t I take one with you?”

“Yah, Chanyeol. Get out!” Yeongri said, lightly pushing him. She blushed fiercely knowing that Chanyeol had been looking at her unclothed body for quite some time.

“Wae? You are to have no inhibitions towards me from now on,” he said, picking her up and swinging the door open with his shoulder. He set her down in the tub. “Plus, you promised me some sexy times.”

“Not now,” Yeongri said, avoiding his eyes. Before she could object to his antics again, Chanyeol crashed into her lips. The minty flavour of the toothpaste coursed through her mouth as Chanyeol refused to get off of her.

He then continued by tracing warm kisses down her torso without saying a word. Yeongri was giving in by the minute. He completed the set with two kisses on the tips of her pelvis.

Chanyeol glided up towards her forehead. He looked down at her eyes and huskily asked, “How about now?’


After taking a shower (where Chanyeol deprived her of most of her intentions), Yeongri glided out wearing the clothes that Chanyeol selected for her. Chanyeol decided to wash himself off a second time since he was feeling a bit drowsy, leaving her to prepare breakfast.

“Kimchi jigae,” she muttered under her breath, and drew out a large pot to get started.

Lazily, she cooked rice in the corner and poured the kimchi into the pot she set down.

“What else do I need,” she asked herself, and remembered that the sprouts were on top of the fridge, along with the sondubu (soft tofu) that she needed for the dish.

She carefully got onto her tiptoes and reached out for ingredients, but before she could get them, she felt a sharp pain in her waist.

“Ow,” she snapped and turned to see Chanyeol, who had pinched her.

“Hehe, sorry. Your skin is so… pinchworthy,” he said, lightly kissing her lips. Upon seeing that Yeongri was still unfazed, he tried to divert the topic.

“So, what are you making? Kimchi jigae? Oh you want the dubu? OK,” he said in one breath, and casually took the dubu and the sprouts from the top of the fridge. “Sorry,” he added again, to which Yeongri laughed.

“Yeollie, I wouldn’t get angry at you for such stupid things. You’re so cute, baby,” she said and continued to cook.

“You know what? You’re always making stuff for me. Now let me do it,” he said to Yeongri who slid the sprouts in with the kimchi.

Yeongri smirked. Did Chanyeol know how to cook?

“OK. I don’t feel like cooking anyways,” she said and set down the spoon she was using to mix the ingredients. She turned to the dining table and perched herself on top of it, so as to get a good view of what he was doing.

She laughed as she observed Chanyeol trying to cook. All the while, he had his eyebrows scrunched up and kept muttering to himself about what he had to do next.

“Pepper flakes,” he said, and grabbed a small packet. Instead of pouring a few flakes from the packet into the pot, he decided to throw them in.

“Chef cheoreom!” he exclaimed and threw the flakes in.

Next minute, he was groaning. “Aa, Yeongie, help!” he said, rubbing his eyes. The pepper flakes had gotten into his eyes.

“Channie baby, stop rubbing your eyes!” she said, pushing his hands away to reveal tear stricken eyes closed to the max.

“Aigoo, why did you throw it in like that?” Yeongri said, lightly touching his eyes with cold water. She told him to shut his eyes for a while and lean forward.

“Are you okay?” she said when he finally opened his eyes.

He  halfheartedly nodded and between sniffles, he said,” thank you.”

Laughing, she kissed both of his eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck for support. “Now?”

“Yeah,” he said. Yeongri drew a spoon out of the cupboard and tasted the jigae.

“It tastes fine. You don’t need to put anything else in, OK?” she said, and turned the heat off. She carried the pot to the table and scooped some rice into two bowls.

“Aaa,” Chanyeol said, with extending his arm across the table. He gently fed Yeongri while she fed him.

“By the way, who taught you this?” she said, once both of them were finished and curled up together on Chanyeol’s chair.

Chanyeol came close to her forehead and answered, “Kai taught me how to get you turned on in the shower. Kyungsoo taught me how to cook jigae,” he said.

And she smiled as she felt his lips move across her forehead for every word, because she already knew that.