Minhee woke up startled.

Did she really need to dream all that?

Her dream was a capsule of her literary prowess. Minhee could weave drama together, complimenting each scene with the correct words. Minho being adopted, and Jinki getting injured- it all belonged to her playful mind, at work while she slept.

Why did Minhee sleep? She was confounded herself.

Though she had just met Jinki, he was playing around in her mind full time. She never believed in love at first sight- she was just impressed by his good looks and personality, but hadn’t fallen for him.

To recover from slight heartbreak, Minhee resorted to the confines of her room, and laid down in her bed, letting the day’s events wash over her. Sleep was something she relied on when she felt conflicted, and doubtful.

Minhee didn’t regret what Jinki did- or at least she hoped she didn’t. But deep inside, her adoration for the man that could have been her fiance burned. It burned with sorrow, and dejectedness.

The same day, after Jinki and Minhee discussed the prospect of marriage in his room, they descended downstairs and arrived to the smell of Jinki’s mother’s culinary skills.

Minhee stared at the table, that was overflowing with snacks of all kinds.

Kimbap took up the edge of the table, and surrounded the many other items, ready to be eaten. Doekbeokki, Yakbap, Musubi, a platter of sushis, and chicken.

The fried chicken stood out against everything else, taking the centre stage in the table.

Minhee observed Jinki as he silently took a bite out of his chicken. He then threw his head, with a lazy smile plastered across his face, relishing the taste.

“Omma!” he shouted, after finishing his chicken.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“I am not marrying her!” he exclaimed, pointing a finger at Minhee.

“I don’t know what you’ll do, but I’m marrying THIS CHICKEN!” he shouted, before swiftly¬† picking up another piece and running out the door.

That was how Minhee lost Jinki. As soon as he ran out, she felt her heart shatter. And she hated it.


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