It nagged her so much.

Minju turned over at the break of dawn to find Jiyong peacefully resting next to her. His eyes were gently shut, and his chest matched a rhythmic beat as he breathed.

But his mouth was what nagged her.

It formed a small pout, as if asking for her to kiss him. The temptation was killing Minju- she was just inches away from his face, and she could feel his breath as he exhaled. But she knew she had to resist.

For some reason, Jiyong refrained from kissing Minju. It was like a taboo. For the 2 years they dated each other, he had never once approached her lips, ever. He had full access to her body, and freely touched her wherever he wanted, but her lips were left fallow.

It was confounding; Minju was surprised one night when he entered their flat and hoisted her up. He proceeded to their bedroom and threw her onto their bed. His eyes were evidently heavy, making Minju even more confused. Before she could turn over to face the cieling, he laid down next to her and grasped her wrsit with one hand and ran his other hand up her shirt. Minju’s heart pounded- maybe he was waiting for this day?

However, she was left trolled when he inched closer to her, and opened his mouth only to say, “Goodnight.”


Both Jiyong and Minju were kpop artisits, and therefore were often called togehter on variety shows. It pained her to not be able to describe his kiss to those who asked on TV. It was also excrutiating when they brought out Pepero sticks for the both of them, because she knew what he would do.

Jiyong always lost in the Pepero game. She knew he did it purposely. Each time, he went a bit closer than the previous, but he never failed to cut it off and pronounce defeat. He never took notice of bewildered face as he pulled away.

One day, Jiyong took Minju out for to eat. He ordered ramen and a cup of coffee, while Minju just bought bubble tea.

It was enticing to watch him eat. Jiyong was the only person she new who drank coffee as he ate ramen. His lips were constantly stained, and Minju tried to bar herself from lunging over the table and removing the coffee and ramen from his mouth herself. He kept licking them, making sure he removed them himself, but that only aroused her more.

Jiyong also had the habit of slurping. He knew it was not a good habit, so he tried to control it, but now and then, he couldn’t help it. Minju often reminded him that he was slurping in public, in hopes of him refraining from doing it. She didn’t care about what the public thought of him, though. She needed to feel his lips, and constantly making it obvious to her was not helping.

She remembered in Big Bang’s Secret Garden parody, TOP complained about women lying about them not knowing about the foam above their mouths when they drink something. She could relate to it. She wasn’t sure if Jiyong did it deliberately, but the thick coat of coffee flavoured foam on his lips semed to be jeering at Minju. She winced when Jiyong finally found out and wiped it off.

Another time, he took her out for ice cream. Jiyong made a show with his mouth as he gently pulled small amounts of the cold ice cream off his tiny spoon. When he was finished with one spoonful, he made sure he licked the surface before sticking it back in his bowl. Again, Minju felt like she was being mocked. She imagined Jiyong doing the same to her lips- only imagined.

With each spoon, his lips turned redder and redder, seeting Minju in rising temperatures. They looked like they were waiting for her lips. They were wet and shiny, gleaming in the light.


On Christmas, Minju and Jiyong were scheduled to meet on Strong Heart. She knew it was her opportunity to vent her feelings.

She gingerly narrated her dilemma, avoiding Jiyong’s gaze, which she knew was searing through her. She was to scared to look up; she was scared that he may be angry. The others on the show lightened the atmosphere, but Minju was being weighed down by a huge, dark cloud. She knew it was something petty, but it troubled her a lot.

When she finally finished her rant, she looked up to the MC.

He said, “You say that your relationship is very open, but he doesn’t kiss you, right? Then why don’t you just ask him why?”

Minju gulped and slowly glanced at her boyfriend. A wave of relief flooded her when she saw him smiling heartily. But nevertheless, she blushed as she whispered, “Oppa, why don’t you ever kiss me?”

Jiyong laughed as Minju looked on, confused.

He threw his arm around her and stood up, making her get up as well, and hovered clsoer to her, before turning his head to the MC and asking, “This is OK, right?”

He then crashed into her lips, and after a few minutes, replied, shaking with laughter, “No comment.”


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No Comment


With Jiyong’s strong and manly image, most people imagined him to be into mature stuff, let alone kissing.

Only Minju knew the truth.



Hello! You’re happy I’m updating a lot, right?

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