Everything just slowed down.

Onew went over what she said once again.

After he regained consciousness, he was left alone in his ward, with his own thoughts.

So, going a blind date turned out to be a bad idea. He was sure that most dates were never like that, and Jongyeon just screwed up, but somehow, it affected him. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do about the whole ‘marriage’ thing. He could go on other multiple dates- he had already reasoned out that not all of them consisted of messed up people like the one he went on before. But what if Jonghyun was bent on hooking him up with weirdos because he kept calling him Jongyeon? Or what if he was only able to set him u with people like Song Byul? What if he got hurt another time?

Jinki couldn’t risk it. But that meant he had to get married to Choi Minhee.

She was actually very pretty, but Jinki didn’t weigh too much by looks. She had to have a good personality, she had to care for him- and as much as Jinki tried to resist, he had to admit that she had both of those qualities- as far as he knew. She barely even knew him, but saved him from the alley. In fact, her whole family made sure he was OK.

Sure, it was human to help, but he had a feeling she did it because of somethig else as well. He remembered the look on her face wehn he asked her if she really wanted to marry him. It was a bit, put down. He hadn’t meant it in a bad way- he was just a bit annoyed that everything was being carried out in a rushed way. He didn’t have time to think of how his life would be if he really did agee to the marriage. He didn’t have to time to go over her, and her family- all he infered from the first meeting was that they all looked pretty good, she was OK with marriage, and both their parents were bent on it happening.

It was not like he was going to get hit by her boyfriend, was he?

OK, maybe he could, but it had a very low chance.

There was nothing wrong with marrying her. But he had to be sure.

 Which was why it took him a long time to process what she said.

Why hadn’t he thought of that before? He could just go out with her for sometime, to get to know her. If she wasn’t worth it, he could live like a loner for the rest of his life, which was better than getting hit by men twice his size, and if she was, well, everyone would be happy. Him, her , and their parents.

Well, he guessed so. It was worth the try.

The next hurdle to cross was to somehow open his mouth, use his voice box, and produce a few sounds that, when heard by Minhee, sounded like “Yes. I will take you out.”

Err- no.

“Yes, let’s do it.”

Ookay. Nope.

“Sure. That’s a good idea.”

Yes. That’s good.

After a few minutes, Jinki finally let out a meek whisper.


Before he good get to the “That’s a good idea part”, Minhee broke into a huge, 100 watt smile.

He watched as she slowly pushed back a strand of her hair and looked down. It was like she was in an old Korean warrior movie.

“OK,” she said, not meeting his eyes, still smiling like a maniac. A cute maniac, that is. She giggled, and said,” I think someone’s calling me. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Jinki was sure no one had called her, but he slightly blushed after she left. He stared at the place she had just vacated, trying, again, to process everything that had just happened.

She was doing something to him! What was with him and processing everything. Jinki was a smart boy!

He couldn’t figure out why she was acting so- coy when he said yes, but he understood why after he left, because, for some reason, whenever he thought of her, he became coy as well.

So, he was finally making some headway through this marriage nonsense.

He was about to lay back down on the cold hospital sheets wehn Minhee peeked into his ward.

“Oh, were you sleeping? Sorry,” seh said, and frantically began to shut the door.

“No, no. What is it?” he asked, grinning.

“Um. Well, I just wanted to ask when the date was,” she said.

“How about tomorrow?” he suggested. Before she could ask, he added,” I’ll be discharged in the morning- you don’t have to worry. How’s about 6?”

Minhee apprenhensively nodded. She didn’t want him to die or something during her date. She could wait. But then, it wasn’t that serious…

“I’ll ask my brother to pick you up, or something,” she offered.

Jinki shook his head.

“I’ll come pick you up.”


Minhee reluctantly went home with her brother, leaving her parents and Jinki’s parents at the hospital.

“So, care to talk more about this sudden change of mind?” he asked.

“I’m going on a date with him tomorrow,” seh blurted out, ignoring his question.

Minho found it reasonable. It was best for them to try and get used to each other, and to find out how they really were.

“So, you’re going to get married to him because you’re going on a date with him tomorrow?”

Minhee shook her head. To be honest, she wasn’t sure why she had agreed to the marriage at all. There was not exactly anything in it for her, except for the novel, and she was doubtful her father meant it.

But she had to uphold her family traditions, and make Minho happy. Apart from that, she, for some reason, didn’t want Jinki to get hurt in any way. She wanted to be there to protect him. To make sure he didn’t do anything stupid…

She wasnt’ sure why. She just felt it.

Minhee slowly shook her head.

“I told you. He’s nice,” she said, recounting her first meeting with him. “We’re gonna be cool with each other,” she said, smiling. “It’s not like I have anyne to go to if I don’t marry him.”

“Whatever,” her brother said, pulling up into their driveway.

“Do you want me to pick him up,  and drive you guys around, or something?” he asked, before going to his bedroom.

“Nope. He said he’ll come by himslef and take me,” she replied, dazed, before  flopping onto her bed.

Minho shook his head, confusedly. What was with all this change? He was happy they were warming up to each other. It was bound to happen.

Now all that was left was for him to a get a grirlfriend.

Minho nodded to himself, igniting the fire in him.

Across from him, Minhee’s heart was racing.

She was going to prove that she could be Jinki’s wife. She was going to show that it was alright for them to get married.

Minhee slept a few hours later, with a smile on her face. She had been restless, thinking over and over again about Jinki in the hospital, before she finally found some sleep.

Little did she know, that back in the ward, Jinki experienced the same thing.

They couldn’t wait.


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Back to the normal story!

“Oppa, th-this is Minhee,” she said, nervously speaking into her phone. She had called her elder brother, Minho. She figured that he was searching for her, and she felt obliged to call him, and try to redeem herself.

“I fuc- I mean freaking know, Minhee, I have your number saved! Where on Earth are you?” he shouted, trying to mask the slip of his tongue. He gripped onto the cellphone before wedging it in between his shoulder and head, driving simultaneously. (A/N: Don’t drive while using your phone, OK?)

Minhee told him the street she was currently at, before expressing her matter of concern.

“Oppa, I’m with Lee Jinki,” she said.

“Oh? You don’t want to marry him, but you run to him for solace?” he replied, riddled with annoyance.

Minhee shook off what he said and got back to the point.

“He’s like, dead,” she said, without thinking.

Minho would’ve faced the same plight had there been a car in front of him. Her words sent a jolt of shock through him, making him drop his phone and apply the brakes.

“What the fuck are you talking about, Minhee?” he said, this time, not minding his language.

“I- I- mean, he’s not really dead, per se, but he’s unconcious,” she said, reprimanding herslef for shocking her brother.

Minho was finding it hard to understand, but he tried to make out more.

“What exactly happened to him?” he said, waiting for a reply, before he saw her standing near a small alley, evidently frightened and worried.

He frantically rushed out of his car. Minhee was quick to talk.

“I came here and I just found him like this,” she said, motioning towards Jinki.

Minho checked for his pulse, and tried to wake him up. He was stirring, but he found it difficult to fully regain conciousness.

Minho shook his head in disbelief.

“Why didn’t you take him to the hospital or something? What if it’s really serious?” he said, hoisting Jinki onto his back. He tossed Minhee the keys to his car, which she unlocked, before sitting beside Jinki’s body, as Minho resumed driving.

For a long time, it was silent.

All Minho could think about was how annoyed he was. She runs away, comes back with an unconcious fiancee, and doesn’t even think to try and help him. But he had a soft spot for her as well. It was hard trying to encompass one feeling- he was mad, but it didn’t overwhelm him, because of that guilty feeling deep inside- he loved her, and didn’t want to be angry at her.

The only thing that was going on in Minhee’s mind was Minho’s words.

“Why didn’t you take him to the hospital or something? What if it’s really serious?”

 She couldn’t believe herself. She had acted so- stupidly. She admited that she was initially shocked and din’t know what to do- her mind was blank. But after she regained her nerves, she should have checked for any more bruises, and called the hospital first. Not Minho!

But the way she ran away, without listening to anyone. She was affected by that as well. Minhee was usually very prim, and prpoer, and while she had a way of charming people into doing what she wanted, she always followed he parents’ instructions. Most of the time. She was pained about everything- the truth about Minho, and the marriage, and her break up with Kibum. And especially, about how Jinki had asked her if she really wanted to get married.

Minho rushed Jinki into the hospital while Minhee called his parents.

The doctors could quickly make out his condition, and assured them all that he would stir in a few hurs time. Save for a couple of nasty bruises, he was alright.

Minho then phoned his own parents, understanding that Minhee would not want to, at that moment.

He glanced at Minhee, who was awkwardly sitting near him, cracking her knuckles.

“So, I guess I’m sorry,” he said, quietly, trying to get her to talk.

“So am I,” she quickly replied. She had been trying to get that out of her ever since they climbed into his car- but Minhee hated saying sorry, and thank you.

Minho chuckled. “I guess you’re happy he’s hurt. You can stall this marriage stuff for some time,” he said.

Minhee gulped. “I’ll marry him,” she said, now frntically cracking her knuckles over and over again.

“Are you sure?” he replied, evidently taken aback. He was ready to forgive her, and tell her that it was OK if she didn’t want to marry him. He never thought she would give in, and so fast.

Minhee fervently nodded, trying to avoid her brother’s gaze.

Minho patted her on the back. “You don’t have to, Minhee,” he said.

“No, no. I will. He’s- he’s nice.”

“I think you should go in and talk with him.”

Minhee reluctantly got up and peeped through the door to his ward.

“Oh, hi,” he said, fully awake. He was obviously waiting for someone to walk through those doors.

Minhee’s stomach flipped over a million times. She could literally have just vomited all over the hospital’s floor.

“Yeah,” she said, awkwardly walking in.

“So, thanks a lot.”

“Thanks? Thanks for what?”

“You know, for saving me?”

“Ooh, oh yeah. Yeah, it’s OK.”





Minhee was squirming inside, trying to think of a way to bring up the marriage. She wasn’t sure if he wanted to marry her. But she had decided that it was her duty to honour her parent’s decisions. Moreover, she wasn’t dating anyone at the present, and wasn’t planning to, and, Jinki seemed nice. She liked it when boys showed their vulnerability- a very twisted way of thinking, but she didn’t over manly, fake boys.

“So, how did you get hurt?” she asked, dropping the marriage for some time. She figured that was less important.

Jinki was contemplating on what his answer to this question was to be all through that unbearable silence they encountered. He decided to go with the truth. He stll was undecided on whether he was willing to marry her or not, so, until then, it was fair to tell her anything wthout hiding it. She couldn’t judge- she barely knew him.

“This guy beat me up,” he said. “Because I went on a date with his girlfriend,” he added, not waiting for her response.

“Oh,” she said.

The whole situation was incredibly delicate, and Minhee was completely incompetent with such situations. She would either just cry, or start stuttering profusely. Usually it was the former, and this time, she did indeed feel like crying. But she had to mask that, because- she didn’t know. But crying in front of him seemed out of the question. Instead, she did something even she couldn’t believe.

“Why don’t you go out on a date with me?”


KEKEKE short chapter, because I felt bad but didn’t have time. So, will Jinki say yes, or no?




Minhee woke up startled.

Did she really need to dream all that?

Her dream was a capsule of her literary prowess. Minhee could weave drama together, complimenting each scene with the correct words. Minho being adopted, and Jinki getting injured- it all belonged to her playful mind, at work while she slept.

Why did Minhee sleep? She was confounded herself.

Though she had just met Jinki, he was playing around in her mind full time. She never believed in love at first sight- she was just impressed by his good looks and personality, but hadn’t fallen for him.

To recover from slight heartbreak, Minhee resorted to the confines of her room, and laid down in her bed, letting the day’s events wash over her. Sleep was something she relied on when she felt conflicted, and doubtful.

Minhee didn’t regret what Jinki did- or at least she hoped she didn’t. But deep inside, her adoration for the man that could have been her fiance burned. It burned with sorrow, and dejectedness.

The same day, after Jinki and Minhee discussed the prospect of marriage in his room, they descended downstairs and arrived to the smell of Jinki’s mother’s culinary skills.

Minhee stared at the table, that was overflowing with snacks of all kinds.

Kimbap took up the edge of the table, and surrounded the many other items, ready to be eaten. Doekbeokki, Yakbap, Musubi, a platter of sushis, and chicken.

The fried chicken stood out against everything else, taking the centre stage in the table.

Minhee observed Jinki as he silently took a bite out of his chicken. He then threw his head, with a lazy smile plastered across his face, relishing the taste.

“Omma!” he shouted, after finishing his chicken.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“I am not marrying her!” he exclaimed, pointing a finger at Minhee.

“I don’t know what you’ll do, but I’m marrying THIS CHICKEN!” he shouted, before swiftly  picking up another piece and running out the door.

That was how Minhee lost Jinki. As soon as he ran out, she felt her heart shatter. And she hated it.


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From draft to Garbage


Lee Joon, Mir, Lee Jinki!side


“…As soon as Mir reached his house, he yanked out his composition book and turned to the page he had last written on. He gingerly took out a pen and crossed what he wrote out:

CODER is a guideline acronym to be used in all compositions.

C- Collection of ideas  Confess

O- Organization of ideas  Obluquy

D- Draft  Depress

E- Edit  Euthanise

R- Rewrite  Relieve






Pairing: Lee Joon and Mir

Genre: Angst




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“Annyeong Haseyo, Jinki-ssi,” Minhee said, after greeting his parents.

For a few moments, both of them stared blankly into each other’s eyes, until his parents nudged him.

“Ne, annyeong haseyo, “Jinki said.

He felt like he was going through puberty all over again. Not only did his voice awkwardly go to a higher pitch, but Minhee was much more beautiful in reality that in his dreams; he felt like a pimple-ridden, sweat covered teenager standing next to her. He could never match her appearance.

Minhee’s family was welcomed and made to sit. After hours of talking, Jinki got permission to talk with Minhee in private.

When Jinki asked for a one-on-one, Minhee could not help but blush. Uncontrollably.

As he led her to his room, she couldn’t but notice his perfect physique and facial features.

His face was strategically built: his eyes were shining at all times (just how she liked them), his cheeks were full, but didn’t puff out (just how she liked them), his nose was a perfect, soft, triangle, making his side profile amazing (just how she liked it), and his lips were of the right size and shade of pink. She would never match his appearance.

And when he smiled, asking her to sit down, her stomach churned. He was so cute.

“Uh, so, do you like me?” he asked, looking down.

Mentally, he slapped himself a few times. How can you just ask that, dude? Play it cool, he thought to himself.

To Jinki’s surprise, Minhee slowly nodded. He was unable to control his smile.

“But, do you really want to get married?” he blurted. Jinki was in a mess. He wasn’t able to create small chat, but he knew getting to the point would be unimpressive, he could not control the pitch of his voice, and his smile was totally out of the context.

Minhee went cold. Does he not like me then?, she thought?

She looked at him, as if to ask if he was serious. She could see that he wasn’t playing. So she replied, “Look. I don’t want to get married. Or, I didn’t. But my family is everything. I have to oblige to whatever they say. Moreover, I’m not in a relationship with anyone. So I don’t mind marrying you, or anyone else.”

And right when she finished, they heard Jinki’s mom calling for them from downstairs.

“Minhee, your parents are leaving! Or do you want five more minutes?” she shouted, leaving both Jinki and Minhee in embarrassment; his mom sounded like they were on a play date or something.

“A-Anieyo, we’re coming!” the both shouted back, and ran down the stairs.

Once they reached the hall, Jinki’s mom outstretched her hand to Minhee and smiled warmly.

“I hope you’re happy, Minhee. We’ll treat you well.”


“Yah, you’re still going on the date?”

Jinki’s mom looked at him styling his hair in the mirror, with utmost distaste.

After Jinki came to know that he was to get married to Minhee, he bombarded his mom with a slew of pleas, all while whining like a toddler.

“Eomma, I don’t want to do it,” he said, hoisting himself onto the kitchen counter as his mom cooked dinner.

“Jinki,” she said, dropping her work and turning around. “If you want to, go and find a date or something. See if you like her. If you don’t, then you will marry Minhee.”

“Jinjja? You’re really allowing me to do that?” he asked, jumping up, getting ready to call his friend, Jonghyun.

“Yes. But it has to be tomorrow. You can’t go after; you can’t go before.”

“Eo, ne, ne. Kamsahabnida!” he exclaimed, before running off to his room to call Jonghyun.

“Yah, bbo-bbo!” she shouted after him, to which Jinki made a gruesome kissing noise.

On the phone, Jonghyun disgustedly asked, ” What was that sound?”

“Nothing, nothing. OK, Jongyeon, I have something important for you to do,” he said, eager to get to the point.

“Why should I help you? You’re always calling me Jongyeon. And you never accept the dates I set up for you,” he said, lazily.

“That’s exactly what I need. Set me up for a date.” he replied excitedly.

“Really? For when?,” he asked, happily.

“For tomorrow evening. She has to look good, OK?”

“Col! I already have this girl; I’ll talk to her and set you two up. Yah, I’m so happy you’ve found you’re mind!” Jonghyun replied.

“Yah, Jongyeonah. One more favour. Call me hyung,” Jinki added, bouncing onto his bed.

“Then stop calling me Jongyeon.”



“We’re still on the deal, right?” he replied. “Only if I don’t like her can you make me marry Minhee.”

Jinki picked up his wallet and emptied out all the money. He then stuffed them into his pocket and threw the wallet onto his desk.

“I don’t know. Have a good time,” she said, following him to the front door.

“Bye!” he said before she closed the door, flashing his wealthy smile.

He walked through the streets, filled with slush from the snow that hundreds of dates walked on, as he made his way to the restaurant.

“Lee Song Byul,” he mumbled, before he consulted the receptionist.

He sat down after being shown to the table Jonghyun reserved them, and once again mumbled his date’s name.

“Lee Song Byul.”

“Oh, you’re Lee Jinki?” asked a fairly husky voice next to him.

He looked up to see a fairly tall, curvaceous woman, looking down at him, smirking.

“Ah, yes. You’re Lee Song Byul?” he replied, standing up.

She pushed him back down and sauntered over to her chair before answering, “You can call me whatever you want.”

“M- Mwoh?”

“I said, you can call me whatever you want,” she repeated, slowly, adding in a wink.

Jinki looked away. Is this how all dates are? he thought.

“Um, ne. Do you want to order anything?” he asked, motioning for the waiter.

“I’ll have whatever you have.”

“Ne,” he said again, and looked to the waiter. “I -gwon pizza?”

The waiter noted it down and walked off, leaving Jinki in an awkward situation with his date. He could feel her staring at him the whole time, throughout which they didn’t talk. He just kept staring at the floor. Yah, Jongyeon. Gu imma! What kind of date did you set me up for?

Suddenly he felt a large hand settle over his shoulder. He was pretty sure it wasn’t Song Byul’s.

He looked up to see a burly man, looking blankly at him. Or he thought so, until the man punched him.

“Yah, who are you?” he exclaimed, catching the rest of the restaurant’s attention.

“Who are you? And what are you doing with her?” the man replied, lifting him with the front of his shirt.

He pushed Jinki outside, constantly hitting him.

He could faintly hear song Byul’s fake shouts, telling her current boyfriend to stop hitting Jinki. She was two timing the man, who he came to know as Hyuk Jin through her shouts.

He pulled Jinki into a dingy alleyway, where he attacked him even more.

Jinki could feel his breathing becoming crooked. He stopped trying to defend himself; he couldn’t even tell him to go away.

Jinki never realised when the other two left, leaving him in critical condition in the middle of the night.

He dozed, because that was the only thing his body could do.


Minhee’s head kept replaying Jinki’s words.

“Do you really want to get married?”

Each time she thought of it, he stomach rolled over.

“Did you like him?” she heard her parents ask, as they settled into the sofa near her.

She saw her brother look down at her as well, waiting for an answer.

“I hate it,” whispered, standing up. The novel wasn’t on her mind.

“Mwoh?” her family replied, standing as well.

“I hate it, OK? He doesn’t like me. It’s not going to work out!”

“No matter what, you have to follow family tradition. All of our family members have done this! Why do you find it so hard to oblige? And why didn’t you tell us this before, when we informed you of it?”

“OK, firstly, even if I did tell you, you would have forced me into getting married anyways.”

“Then why bother to object now?”

Minhee found that point logical. She knew she had no way out. Why was she protesting? She even told Jinki that she had to follow the tradition. Indifferently, she went on with her defiance.

“Secondly, you said that every member does this. Then why doesn’t oppa? Isn’t he family as well?”

“Its because I’m adopted, Choi Minhee! No, I’m not part of the family. But you are, so stop making a fuss now and sit down! What did I teach you? You have to respect our family. They gave me so much. As my dongsaeng, I expect you to give it back along with me!”

Minhee was taken aback. She comprehended nothing after, “It’s because I’m adopted.”

Shading her face from her family’s view, she violently opened the front door and ran. She didn’t know where she was going to go to; she just ran.

After a few minutes, with her tears dried up and her mind calmed down, she encountered a dark alleyway.

Curious, she walked inside to find a crippled body.

She anxiously ran towards the person.

“I’ve seen you,” she mumbled, turning the person’s head.

Triangular nose…

“Lee Jinki!” she exclaimed, her heart stopping.

His breathing was severely irregular. His body was covered in bruises.

She had to help him fast.

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Chapter 2

“Yah, Minhee, why aren’t you sleeping?”Minho asked. He had just come back from a date with his girlfriend, and had come home to see his sister sitting up with her head in her hands.

“You know how we heard mom and dad talking about my marriage a long time ago? Mom came to me and told me that we’re going to meet him tomorrow. Kibum just broke up with me. I don;t know what to do,” she said without looking at him.

“Do you want to avoid this because he’s not as handsome as me, or not as talented as me,” Minho said, sitting next to her and grinning.

Minhee broke out into a soft smile and gently hit her brother. “Oppa!”

“I know its not fair and stuff, but you’ll have to bear with it. Just lock him up for a few days, and he’ll get used to you. Like in Beauty and the Beast.”

“Oppa! This isn’t a joke! What if I get married to him and he doesn’t like me, and we stay as enemies forever? What if I never forget Kibum? You have Tae Soo. She’s not from that family. How come you can love anyone you want?”

Minho looked down crest fallen, but sill managed to smile.

“If it makes you feel any better, Tae Soo broke up with me today. So I guess eomma and appa will get me married like you.”

“Oh,” Minhee said, taken aback. She didn’t know what to say; she felt shallow. The fact that her brother was still able to smile just for the sake of cheering her up touched her.

She sat up straight and looked at him withe blazing confidence.

“OK. I’ll try. I remember how you taught me to respect our family and its values. So I’ll marry him. But I don’t know if he’ll want to marry me,” Minhee said.

“I’m sure he will. You haven’t even met him. What if he turns out to be Kibum? It’ll all turn out well, I promise,” he said before standing up and motioning for her to get rest.

“Before he knows it, he’ll be smitten by your beauty. Get some sleep so that your beauty stays,” he said, tucking her in, to which she giggled.

Minho still treated her like a child, and despite her protests, she had to admit that it was the only medicine for similar situations.

“Goodnight, Choi Minhee,” he said before closing the door.


“Lee Jinki! Please wake up, baby!” said a beautiful voice, awakening Jinki.

He happily turned over to a charming face hovering over him, her dark brown locks lightly brushing his face.

“Hi, honey,” he said, groggily.

“I hope you’ll greet your wife like that as well,” the same lady replied, pulling him up.

“What are you talking about You are my wife,” he said, scratching his head in confusion, yet still having the same hungover expression.

The lady looked at him curiously. She then proceeded to hit him (“Ow!”) and say,” get your head straight young man! You’re meeting Minhee today!” She then walked out of his room briskly.

Jinki shook his head. He then rubbed his eyes and looked around to catch a glimpse of his mother, instead of the lady he saw in his half  conscious sleep. She certainly was not as arousing to look at as the girl from his dream.

He felt stupid; he knocked himself in the head.

Get your game straight, Jinki, he thought, trying to erase the dream from his memory.

He slowly got dressed and reluctantly went down the stairs, still in want for sleep.

He turned around the corner to the hall, where his dad sat with a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts and his mother glided about the kitchen in a hanbok.

“Here’s your breakfast, yeobo,”playfully said, jabbing at Jinki’s morning mishap (hooray for alliteration!), at which his father chuckled.

“You told appa too?” he asked, embarrassed, but smiling at the same time.

“Oh she did! Reminds me of when you four years old and wanted us to get divorced so that you could marry your mother. One cracked up son, you are,” his father replied, laughing hysterically.

And from then, his parents sat together bringing up different memories of their only child, with a laugh here and there.

Jinki could help but smile at them. They seemed so perfect; their personalities matched up perfectly. They always seemed to make the best out of any situation where they were together. The connection made them raise him to high standards in terms of behavior and personality.

He could not help but feel that marrying Minhee was the only way to repay everything they gave him. But at the same time, he knew that marriage wasn’t something he could easily take up or leave. He really hoped his parents would leave him to be with someone of his choice so that he had a better crack at following their influential and revered footsteps.

As he thought about the marriage, he remembered it was the day he was to meet her.

“Is that going to be your getup for the day?” he asked, interrupting his parents.

“I remembered that Minhee’s parents were strict about tradition and culture, so I chose to wear this,” his mother replied, showing off the designs in her dress.

“And I’m taking her dad fishing!” his dad said, pulling out a fishing hat from the back.

His father was always correct in his tones. He knew when to be cheerful and humorous and when to be stern. Jinki had seen both sides, but mostly the former.

Before he could reply, the doorbell rang. Jinki hurriedly finished his breakfast and chucked his plate in the cupboard after haphazardly washing it (“I don’t want any dirty plates in the sink, sleepy head!”).

Good thing I got dressed before breakfast, he thought, confirming that it was the Choi family as he stood behind he parents, facing Minhee’s parents.

Jinki’s gaze wavered as his parents greeted Minhee’s. He craned his neck. Where is she?

Then he caught a shining, dark brown lock of hair. Her parents shifted enough to reveal the whole of Minhee.

Jinki gulped. His stomach tightened as his parents greeted her and her brother.

She was the girl from his dream.


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Chapter 1

“Jinki, we have to tell you something,” his mother said. Jinki just came home from practicing with his band, and was already in a bad mood since his band mates had forgotten their notes.

He laid down his guitar and irritatedly looked back. “What?”

“Sit down, Jinki.”

He reluctantly made his way towards the table and sat down.

“Jinki, our family has this tradition,” his father started. “It has been followed from my grandfather’s grandfather’s times.”

“OK,” Jink replied, to indicate that he was listening.

“You know your mother’s ancestry, the Park family? We marry them at the age of 21,” his father said, with a worried look. He was sure that his son wouldn’t reply positively.

“OK, you’re married to eomma. Now what? Is Hyunwoo getting married?” Jinki said, oblivious to his predicament.

Hyunwoo was his cousin.

“No, Hyunwoo is only 20 years old, son,” his mother replied, shaking her head. “What is your age?”

“Twent-,” he started, and realized what they were referring to. He was 21 years old.

“What? I’m not getting married! Oh my God, eomma, how can you just push this onto me?” Jink said, shooting up. “What about my band, what about my career? You know I want to get into SM. How will they accept me?”

“Jinki, its not someone you don’t know. Do you remember Minhee?” his mom said.

Jinki blushed on thinking about Minhee. he was a bit pretty, and Jinki remembered having fun staring at her while playing at a lone family get together.

But  he still did not not want to marry her. He wanted to love someone, and cherish the bond between them. He wasn’t for the idea of forcing a relationship.

“Minhee… how can I marry her? Aren’t we like cousins or something,” Jinki retorted, figuring out that they were related some way or the other. He smirked, with a sense of victory. “My babies wont come out well if I make them with her.”

“She is very distant. We’re barely related her. It won’t matter if you marry her. And for the record, if your dad was my cousin, you would have turned out like hell too. You have flawless features because we were distant in relation. Not considered relatives at all,” his mom said.

Jinki liked it when his mother praised him. His tone softened.

“But eomma, appa,” started, turning to both of them. “I just can’t do it. I’m not ready to get married to her. She’s not my type, and she probably hates this idea too. We’re in the 21st century, guys! We don’t have to follow stupid things like this,” Jinki said, nodding his head.

“Jinki, Minhee and her parents are coming tomorrow. This is inevitable. You cannot avoid this tradition. Tomorrow you’ll come out and meet her,” his dad said, getting up.

“No buts,” he added, making Jinki close his mouth.

“Your father’s right, baby. You’ll like each other, I promise,” his mother said, and went to the kitchen.

Jinki looked down with clenched fists. What the hell? I’m not going to marry Choi Minhee. Just watch, eomma. She’s gonna hate me.


Kibum wiped away her tears as he pulled away.

“I’m sorry baby,” he said, after reluctantly pulling away from Minhee’s soft lips. “I have to do it.”

Kibum (Key) had gotten into SM Entertainment, and as a rule, he was prohibited from relationships. He had broken up with Minhee, leaving a lasting memory of his lips on hers. He pulled his hat down to cover his face. He didn’t want her to see him crying.
“Kibum, good luck,” Minhee whispered, tears continuously rolling down her cheeks.

And he walked away. He was gone from her life (or was he?).

Minhee straightened her hat and turned back.

At least I don’t have to pretend about not being in a relationship, she thought. She tried to wipe her tears away, but they just increased.

Dejected, she walked home in the cold.

On reaching the front of her house, she made sure ther were no traces of her crying. She pulled the door open and quickly went to her room. On the way, she saw her mom.

“Minhee, we’re going to the Lees’ tomorrow. Do you remember that boy, Lee Jinki? You’ll have to meet him,” her mom said.

Sniffling, she asked why.

“You’re going to marry him.”

Minhee had heard her parents first talk about her arranged marriage when she was 14. Later, when she turned 19, she was pulled in for a talk where her parents revealed their intentions.

Minhee argued with her parents for a long time, until they said that they would let her be a novelist. She was reeled into the agreement because of that. Anything to become a novelist, anything. She knew it would be after a few years, so though she was not able to digest the fact that she had to marry him, she figured she would deal with it later.

The reason her parents barred her from dating was because of this. Ki bum’s break up with her had come at the right time. Although she felt disappointed, she wouldn’t have to worry about hiding him and her relationship. However, she didn’t think they’d tell her about her marriage on such short notice.

“What? I can’t just get married tomorrow!” she exclaimed.

“Yah, pabo,” mom started, chuckling. “You’re not getting married tomorrow. You’ll just meet him,” she said, and turned to the laundry room, nodding. “Get yourself ready miss,” she said, and went to finish her work.

Minhee was sure that no amount of ‘getting ready’ would make him like her, and the same applied to her.

This isn’t going to work out, she thought, wiping a stray tear.


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